From Quakertown PA, get to- intersection of Hill Rd & Muskret Rd there is a state games land parking lot. Park there.
THE WALK TO QUARRY If you are walking back towards Rich Hill Rd from the parking lot take a left and walk down the road till you come to a bridge with train tracks on top… Then go up onto the train track, clear paths on both side of the road… Walk right on the train tracks. (right as you were walking down rich hill)… Keep walking down until the track splits into two ways FOLLOW the LEFT track… Walk about 100 yards you will see a big open path to a building up on a hill go to it… You will keep seeing a path keep following it up towards the left you will be walking up a hill… Then you will see the quarry in front of you and a gate to the right… Go around the gate it isn't a fence just a gate… Keep following the path up the hill.. After about 2 minute walk you will see a path on the left you can take that or another path to the left 50 feet ahead of it… Follow that and you be at a big open area with rocks to sit on/ put towels bags on. you are there

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Rich Hill Rd Quakertown, PA United States
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Rich Hill Rd
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United States



Rockhill Quarry Quakertown

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