From Hartford, Take I-84 west turn onto Queen Street. Once you see "oak hill cemetary" (huge stone walls with pillars) turn onto that road. this is flanders street. you will follow this road, and pass by southington high school, and one stop sign. at the second stop sign, take a left (following the Rogers Orchards Sign). your next stop sign is going to be a three way intersection. take a right (still following the Rogers Orchards Sign). follow this road until you come to your next 3 way intersection. take a right (going the opposite way of the Rogers Orchards Sign). follow this road until you get to your next three way intersection. once again stay to the right. once on this road, you will eventually see a reservoire on your left, and then a huge grass hill/field. park your car on the next road on the right after this grass hill (Reservoire Ridge Road). Walk across the street and walk along the grass path and straight into the woods. go up the first big hill and at the top look for the blue markings on the trees or rocks. (dont go right where you have to cross over a tiny log tree in the beginning of the path) if you went the right way, you will have to step over this huge rotting log that lays paralel to the path. keep following the blue markings. once at the rock stairs, follow them up and at the top go forward and to the left a tiny bit. you will see the blue markings. follow the blue trail, it is very clearly marked with arrows and dots. keep your eye open for the markings. after about 15 minutes from the rock stairs, you will be at the first cliff. this one is called the RT. this is because a kid died off of this one. so i suggest that not too many people try this one…you have to clear trees and land and other scary stuff. there are random cliffs all along this path that you can jump off. the water is wicked deep so dont worry. if you follow further you can get to some low cliffs. theres an 18, 21, 25, 30, and some others in between and some higher right in that same area. if you jump you can follow the gravel type road, and after the bridge at the end, take a left into the woods. there are some cliffs on this side as well. low ones that are nice for flips and a 50 footer right next to it.

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Nearest Address
Reservoir Ridge Dr Southington, CT United States
street address
Reservoir Ridge Dr
long state
United States



Jumping at Southington Water Supply Southington CT Southington Water Supply Cliff Diving in Connecticut Southington Water Supply Southington CT

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