This used to be an old lock from a dam that they took out a real long time ago. About 2 summers ago we just went out on our boat looking for spots to jump off. we saw that block and there were only 2 I-beams going up the side to get on top and my one friend and I were the only ones that could make it up. He lifted me up on top of that post that you see in the video.. not too sure how tall it is or anything I just kinda estimated it, but the post sits about 3 or 4 feet back from the edge so you have to make sure you jump out far enough to clear the wall.

From Pittsburgh, take route 65 north (ohio river blvd) for approximately 20.1 miles. If you reach Logan Lane, you have gone too far. The pull off spot to park for it is on route 65 (North lane only) about 1 half mile before logan lane there is a spot to park on the right. Once you park, there is a tall train bridge almost overhead, head down under the center of it towards the creek, and there is a tunnel that runs under the highway. Walk through the tunnel and make a right out of the other side and the block is about 2 or 300 feet down you can't miss it. These are exact coordinates of the wall/rock/block 40.621999,-80.232339

Jump Stats



Nearest Address
65Th Infantry Division Memorial Hwy Baden, PA United States
street address
65Th Infantry Division Memorial Hwy
long state
United States



Jumping at The Block Baden PA The Block Baden PA The Block Cliff Diving in Pennsylvania

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