If you're headed south on Rt. 7 out of Burlington, keep an eye out for 189. After you cross 189, take an immediate right onto Queen City Park Rd. There's a quick little curve, then take a right. Continue on QCP Rd. and you will cross a very tight little bridge. Take your first left over the bridge and you'll see the place to park. You will see a sign and a trailhead. Start on the trail. From here on out, you're just going to have to ask people and keep your eyes open. All I remember is take your first left and follow it for awhile. It took me 3 or 4 tries to find the place on my own the first time. It's a few minutes walk so be patient. Just head away from your car (towards the water). You'll know you're there when you come to a long curved railing with a view of the lake. The railing points the way towards the cliffs. You will see a path into the brush and hopefully hear voices. Just follow the path down to the cliffs.

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Queen City Park Rd , VT United States
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Queen City Park Rd
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Red Rocks South Burlington VT

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