Question by Hannah J: Can someone hack my computer and get information from omegle? My friend and I are only 13 and our other friend told us to go on omegle because it’s a fun site, so we did. Before we went on omegle, we watched a video on youtube of people jumping off cliffs … Continued

Question by geklein3: How to solve vertical motion equations? the problem is: Cliff diving. A cliff diver jumps from a ledge 96 feet above the ocean with an initial upward velocity of 16 feet per second. How long will it take until the diver enters the water? Use the equation h=-16t^2+vt+s, where v+ initial vertical … Continued

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by debra w: is there some plane ticket that you can buy that allows you to travel unlimited for a year all around the worl? I’m thinking of traveling around the world, paragliding, ab-sailing, parachuting and cliff diving that sort of thing. i was wondering if there is a ticket that … Continued

by ccheviron Question by Rachel: Is there any way i can skydive in or near South Carolina at age 15? please send me the website if you know a place and if not skydiving, can i cliff jump? Best answer: Answer by TruckNO !!! U GOTTA B 18 YO, TO JUMP IN THE US ! … Continued

Question by BudLt: Would you ever get in a hot air balloon and ride it? I have done some amazing things in my life including stunt planes, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, cliff diving……I could not get on a hot air balloon if you held a gun to me. Why am I afraid of the balloon? … Continued

by pl1602 Question by allayy14: What are fun and dangerous things to do with friends? Over the summer i went cliff diving wit my friends but we can’t go in the winter… any ideas like that? Best answer: Answer by √¶run across a frozen river? thats pretty dangerous. Give your answer to this question below!

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by Dr. Coathanger: Why dont all these people who believe in Rapture join a cult or something ? and drink some electric kool-aid, or go cliff diving in the grand canyon. Best answer: Answer by Mack Bolanyup in new zealand theres a 0.0 magnitude earthquake and a reporting of 1 missing … Continued

Question by Kelsie L: Where can i find the 17th chapter in “New Moon” from the twilight series? Ok so i have already read all the books. But i was on Stephenie Meyers web site and read some of the outtakes and i forgot exactly happened when Alice returns in New Moon After Bella cliff … Continued

Question by Matt W: How do I get water out of my ear? I went cliff diving and wen i jumped in a bunch of water went into my ear. its been 2 days now and its still in there ive already tried jumping up and down and laying on that side for a long … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by Hello: Any good Cliff divings spots in Vaughan? Hey guys the title pretty much says it. Im just wondering are there any good near Cliff diving spots or tin lakes that you can go with friends and just have fun? Best answer: Answer by johnhAnother good question from the … Continued

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