Wingsuit Flyer Joby Ogwyn Embraces Mount Everest Challenge Ogywn will use his body to steer his nylon wingsuit during his 150mph descent, avoiding the jagged cliff faces, down to his landing point at base camp. Ogwyn said: "I will visualise the jump in my mind a thousand times before I do it. The last thing … Continued

One on one with Canadian ski halfpipe star Roz Groenewoud I love jumping off of things, I love cliff jumping and riding my mountain bike across the terrain and riding in a halfpipe, but I definitely also like sitting in a corner and solving math and physics equations or reading science books and things like … Continued

Illegal BASE jump from Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola probed McConkey's jump, however, with fellow BASE jumper Miles Daisher, was carried out in an event sponsored by Red Bull and with the permission of Whistler Blackcomb. McConkey died in 2009 after jumping off a cliff with a parachute while filming a movie in … Read more … Continued

Reloaded: Runaway Train Danny Note: Davis wrote this article on March 14th, 2013, shortly after the Seahawks had made the deal for Percy Harvin and signed Cliff Avril. Reading it now gives me …. Will we reach our desired destination, or will we jump the tracks? This ship is … Read more on Field Gulls … Continued

Local photographers share favorite Arkansas spots … and, one of my favorites, Indian Creek. If you are not a huge hiker don't write off Kyle's Landing yet, there are many other activities to do such as canoeing, swimming, cliff jumping (at your own risk), fishing, and of course a grand place to camp … Read … Continued

Extreme Strimming Image by Auntie P I don’t know if this bush was at the end of this bloke’s garden or something (maybe a Ventnor local can illuminate me) but he didn’t seem to mind that he was atop a sheer drop. A pillow fight Basement boxing matches between us brothers only happened in extreme … Continued

There Is a Dairy Cliff, But We Won?t Fall Over It The "dairy cliff" is one of those "too good to check" stories that many media outlets can't seem to resist. Headlines like "Congress close to 'dairy cliff'; milk could jump to $ 8 a gallon" have been popping up in recent weeks. Theoretically, there … Continued

Robbery suspect who jumped in Cape Fear River still missing "Thank goodness (because) my sergeant, who didn't know the ladder was there, if he had continued to run, would have gone off a 3-story cliff," Medlock said. Medlock said the man was trying to swim across the river when he began calling for help … … Continued

12 to Watch – Lindsey Roberson Lindsey Roberson remembers the three seconds she stood on the edge of a cliff in Spain, poised to leap into the sea below. She was 19 then, a student in spring 2002 at the University of Seville. Now, even as a 31-year-old assistant … Like the jump … Read … Continued

Snowmobile accident injures Southern Door woman Justin S. Baker, 25, was booked into the Door County jail after the crash and cited with injury by intoxicated use of a snowmobile and bail jumping. He appeared in Door County Circuit Court Monday and released on a $ 1,000 … Baker was driving a … Read more … Continued

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