Our Mission.

Stepping out on the edge of a cliff can be a scary thing to do especially if it’s the first time you have ever jumped at that location. Some will tell you that, “not knowing anything about the jump makes it that much more exciting.” Some can’t tell you that because they never resurfaced after jumping for the first time. This is a risk that every one takes when cliff diving.
iCliffDive.com is here to let cliff divers all over the world share their cliff diving experiences. Users have the ability to post information about jump spots that are local or frequented by them that can help ensure the safety of other cliff divers.
When you are about to jump over the edge of a cliff for the first time, the more you know you about the jump, the safer you can be.
I like jumping off a cliff just as much as the next cliff diver, but loosing someone from cliff diving is a horrible endeavor to go through. If we can help provide information that will lead to a safe and successful cliff diving jumps, well… then I think we have accomplished what we have set out to do.

History of iCliffDive.com

iCliffDive.com initially came to concept in 2007. One day I was working on a clients Google map integration, like usual, I was wishing I was someplace else, preferably warm. I thought I’d really like to go cliff diving right now, it would wake me up and put some excitement into this rather boring gray winter day. I thought about going cliff diving someplace I have never been before, someplace warm, maybe in Negril, maybe Costa Rica. Then I though you know what would be cool; a website where I could go to find cliff dive jump spots in areas that I might travel too. This way I can plan a gnarly hike to a killer jump spot. Then I thought why not build one.
I thought about social media and user generated content and how this day and age people like as much information as possible. I thought about the cliff dives that I used to do back home, and how I wish I had a site that told me where they all were. I thought about the few people I knew whose lives were ended abruptly due to cliff diving. I thought what if they had more information about those cliff dives on the day’s that the jumped, maybe the information could have helped them in some way and they would be still with us.
So for the past few years I have been scouring the interweb, chatting with peeps on Myspace, Facebook, yahoo, etc, traveling to different locations, speaking with people from different states and compiling a huge database of different cliff dives around the world.

About Me.

Growing up I was always lucky to have been surrounded by lots of woods with great hiking trails, lakes, streams and ponds. I was located in believe it or not, New Jersey, Northern NJ that is. Growing up, in what I call ‘the sticks of NJ’, I was always looking for the rush you get when jumping off of something.
At the age of 3, I was climbing on things to jump off, at 4 I was jumping off my dresser into a pile of stuffed animals, at 5 or 6 I was coercing my friends to jump off my neighbors deck, which resulted in a classmate injuring her knee. In hindsight it is funny, but at the time I‘m sure her parents weren’t laughing. In my pre and very early teens I was making zip lines and rope swings into near by lakes, jumping from trees over rivers. Once a teenager I was a cliff diving junkie… waiting for the summer time to ride my bike to the near by quarry to do gainers off the 25 foot cliff into the 60 degree water. I started hunting out other cliff diving spots that were local to my area, I was able to find some, actually quite a few.
In the end I had a list of about 8-10 spots where my cliff diving minions and myself could go to on a regular basis. Mind you, this is pre Google so things like Google maps and the wealth of information that is available today on the Internet were not as accessible as they are now. All my cliff diving locations were either passed down through word of mouth or heard through rumors from kids from other towns. Each of them were discovered by afterschool and weekend investigative hikes into unknown territory, sometimes hostile unknown territory. I jumped at these spots regularly all through out high school and college.
Now approaching 35 years old, I don’t jump as much as I used to but I am always on the look out for spots when traveling. Not sure I’ll ever stop jumping…I guess the day I stop jumping is the day I consider myself old…nothing tops that feeling you get when standing at the edge of a cliff for a first time then sucking it up and jumping off.

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