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Let other jumpers know about dangers and where they can find a safe place to jump for a successful cliff dive. The more info you have before you jump the safer you can be.

Do You Even Cliff Dive, Bro?

Stepping out on the edge of a cliff can be a scary thing to do especially if it’s the first time you have ever jumped at that location. Some will tell you that, “not knowing anything about the jump makes it that much more exciting.” Some can’t tell you that because they never resurfaced after jumping for the first time. This is a risk that every one takes when cliff diving. is here to let cliff divers all over the world share their cliff diving experiences. Users have the ability to post information about jump spots that are local or frequented by them that can help ensure the safety of other cliff divers.
When you are about to jump over the edge of a cliff for the first time, the more you know you about the jump, the safer you can be.

I like jumping off a cliff just as much as the next cliff diver, but loosing someone from cliff diving is a horrible endeavor to go through. If we can help provide information that will lead to a safe and successful cliff diving jumps, well… then I think we have accomplished what we have set out to do.

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