Question by Hannah J: Can someone hack my computer and get information from omegle? My friend and I are only 13 and our other friend told us to go on omegle because it’s a fun site, so we did. Before we went on omegle, we watched a video on youtube of people jumping off cliffs … Continued

Question by geklein3: How to solve vertical motion equations? the problem is: Cliff diving. A cliff diver jumps from a ledge 96 feet above the ocean with an initial upward velocity of 16 feet per second. How long will it take until the diver enters the water? Use the equation h=-16t^2+vt+s, where v+ initial vertical … Continued

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by debra w: is there some plane ticket that you can buy that allows you to travel unlimited for a year all around the worl? I’m thinking of traveling around the world, paragliding, ab-sailing, parachuting and cliff diving that sort of thing. i was wondering if there is a ticket that … Continued

by ccheviron Question by Rachel: Is there any way i can skydive in or near South Carolina at age 15? please send me the website if you know a place and if not skydiving, can i cliff jump? Best answer: Answer by TruckNO !!! U GOTTA B 18 YO, TO JUMP IN THE US ! … Continued

Question by BudLt: Would you ever get in a hot air balloon and ride it? I have done some amazing things in my life including stunt planes, whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, cliff diving……I could not get on a hot air balloon if you held a gun to me. Why am I afraid of the balloon? … Continued

by pl1602 Question by allayy14: What are fun and dangerous things to do with friends? Over the summer i went cliff diving wit my friends but we can’t go in the winter… any ideas like that? Best answer: Answer by ærun across a frozen river? thats pretty dangerous. Give your answer to this question below!

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by Dr. Coathanger: Why dont all these people who believe in Rapture join a cult or something ? and drink some electric kool-aid, or go cliff diving in the grand canyon. Best answer: Answer by Mack Bolanyup in new zealand theres a 0.0 magnitude earthquake and a reporting of 1 missing … Continued

Question by Kelsie L: Where can i find the 17th chapter in “New Moon” from the twilight series? Ok so i have already read all the books. But i was on Stephenie Meyers web site and read some of the outtakes and i forgot exactly happened when Alice returns in New Moon After Bella cliff … Continued

Question by Matt W: How do I get water out of my ear? I went cliff diving and wen i jumped in a bunch of water went into my ear. its been 2 days now and its still in there ive already tried jumping up and down and laying on that side for a long … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by Hello: Any good Cliff divings spots in Vaughan? Hey guys the title pretty much says it. Im just wondering are there any good near Cliff diving spots or tin lakes that you can go with friends and just have fun? Best answer: Answer by johnhAnother good question from the … Continued

by kewing Question by luke: What is something crazy to do/ adrenaline filled? Me and my friends have car surfed , been skydiving , cliff jumping , played with fire in any way we could think of , blown things up , built sleds to sled with , been street racing , urban exploring , … Continued

by UCFFool Question by phil: At velocity does water get as hard as cement on contact? I know I’ve seen shows on like cliff diving where they explain how water can break every bone in your body if you dive wrong and your going fast enough on contact. What is that velocity you need to … Continued

Question by Blue: Can you describe in a scene what the word happiness means to you? Here is mine: I’m on a cliff on an island surrounded by a very deep ocean… it is some secluded island and just to cliff dive into the great big ocean all day long! that to me is my … Continued

by John Lemieux Question by : What are some fun family things to do in NYC or Boston? I am 14, and my family is going to Manhattan soon to have fun before school starts. I have a little 5-year-old, and my mom who can’t really do anything to crazy (cliff-jumping, huge malls, etc) because … Continued

by william.neuheisel Question by mayride: how high can you jump off something into water and live? I go cliff jumping into lakes thats from 40-60ft high and I was wondering how much higher can you go untill its really unsafe? Best answer: Answer by ULooKWeiRDSome people have jumped from a plane and survived. It also … Continued

Question by Headwha: What is a good place to go camping in southern Ontario? I know about Sandbanks, but am looking for something more woodsy (I live right by a beach). Specific interests….Hiking, beautiful view, swimming (maybe some cliff diving) , in the Hamilton area or Toronto preferred, Niagara Falls works as well. Alcohol friendly … Continued

by Matthew Winterburn Question by wakawaka12: How do you get balls to do awesome sh*t? I see movies on youtube where people surf huge waves, flip off cliffs, jump dirt bikes, skydive, snowbard down steep slopes and the list goes on. Anyone know how to get rid of the mental bullshit that stops me doing … Continued

by nathanmac87 Question by jump!: Where are good spots for cliff jumping around Willow River, MN? I’m going up to Willow River, MN tomorrow afternoon and was wondering where some cliff jumping spots might be. I heard a little about Moose Lake or Kettle River, but can’t find much info. Or any places on the … Continued

by Eric Berger Question by Elle W: What kind of adventures can you do in Hurghada? I’m going to Hurghada next month and I’m really excited about it, been there last year and it was very relaxing but this time I want it to be a little more adventurous, what kind of adventures can you … Continued

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by Oz: What are these songs called in New Moon? Ok so I have a few. The first one is when Bella brings Jacob the bikes and he picks them up and music starts playing. Secondly, while they’re working there’s a song playing and she turns it off on the radio … Continued

Question by coombsy12: Does anyone know of anything for college aged students to do during the summer within an hour of Minneapolis? me and my roommates are bored and want to find some things to do during the summer. I’m looking for outdoor activities, good beaches, cliff jumping lakes, water parks, etc. Cheaper the better. … Continued

Question by coombsy12: Does anyone know of anything for college aged students to do during the summer within an hour of Minneapolis? me and my roommates are bored and want to find some things to do during the summer. I’m looking for outdoor activities, good beaches, cliff jumping lakes, water parks, etc. Cheaper the better. … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by Babycakes: What are some exciting adventurous hobbies? I think everyone has there own way of living life. I want mine to be full of expirriences and things that most people say they’ve never done. Some things i would like to do are cow tipping fencing cliff diving bungee jumping … Continued

Question by Rob: Cliff jumping near or in Wisconsin Dells? Does anyone know where you can cliff jump into the river/lakes in the dells. I see big cliffs and videos of it on youtube, but i don’t know where to find these spots! Please help! Best answer: Answer by CareySteamboat Rock, Stand Rock, and Black … Continued

by Erik K Veland Question by glamorousone06: In the movie New Moon what song is played in this scene? It’s the scene where Bella is underwater after she cliff dives and you see Edward next to her. I just can’t seem to find it. Best answer: Answer by morrissslow life – grizzly bear (feat. victoria … Continued

Question by Amelia: Where can you go cliff diving in Lake Placid? Im leaving tomorrow for our lake house in Lake Placid. We have a boat up there and we really wanna try cliff jumping. Where are some spots we can go cliff jumping? The ages of people going are 12-40 years so somewhere thats … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by Onedeep: If you jumped from your average cruise ships highest deck, would the impact of the water kill you? The visual look is deceiving to me… I’ve been cliff diving etc. i’ve always wondered how high up those ships really were and if you jumped would it just be … Continued

by Lance and Erin Question by MrFurey: What could I wear under my wetsuit and does it make a difference? When I wear my wetsuit i’m most likely cliff jumping so what could I wear under a wet suit for more warmth and a bit of protection. i was thinking of under armour top but … Continued

by keepitsurreal Question by riceequalsnoodles: I want to go cliff jumping with my friends, but my period is going to start…? cliff jumping is jumping off a cliff into water (if you didn’t already know) there are 3 heights where i’m going. a 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft. I use tampons but have never been on … Continued

Question by kelsey: What’s a good place to vacation (in the USA) with lots of things to do? My little brother, my dad, and i are going on vacation soon. And i wanted to go somewhere that had waterfalls, cliff diving, hiking, and i really wanted to go to a rain forest tour. But we … Continued

by bawoodvine Question by ReyesScully: What scenes in The Twilight Saga: New Moon are you looking forward to seeing the most? I’m looking forward to the bike scenes, Bella’s cliff diving/near death scene, and of course…the Volturi scenes! Best answer: Answer by AllenThe ones with the vampires. Know better? Leave your own answer in the … Continued

by webnelly Question by Hannah: How long will it take for someone to land after jumping off a forty foot ledge? i went cliff diving and i’m not sure how high i jumped. i counted as someone else jumped and it was about 5 seconds. so, i want to know a) how long it would … Continued

Question by Samantha: How high are the water levels in New Braunfels, Tx? for the lake and Guadalupe river? Going for memorial day weekend, and wondering how high the river is and if cliff diving will be possible. Best answer: Answer by c cCanyon Lake – 908.9 feet on May 18 (but it has been … Continued

Question by Lauren P: Where are cliff diving locations in michigan? What are the top locations for Michigan cliff jumping? Areas 20+ ft off the water. Best answer: Answer by DanaThe Dead River-Marquette Little Presque Isle-Marquette Canyon River Falls-L’anse What do you think? Answer below!

by VancityAllie Question by Jakko: In that new Subaru commercial, how does the husband get back to his house on top of the big rock? Everybody’s seen it, so I wanna know. The guy cliff dives to get down to his new SUV, but it doesn’t look like there is another way up. Best answer: … Continued

Question by m16mcm16: How much warmer will wetsuits keep you in cold water? I do a lot of cliff jumping and the water is typically cold mountain water. Will a wetsuit keep me significantly warmer? Best answer: Answer by chasecoyx3yes! to an extreme extent. ive used wet suits in many situations and they definitly keep … Continued

by Matthew Winterburn Question by Robert N: can you hurt yourself from jumping into water from 10 feet high? I’ve been cliff jumping before and I’m pretty good at it and I don’t get hurt because I know how to land right. but I was just wondering how badly you can hurt yourself if you … Continued

Question by Alex: How far underwater do you go wearing a life jacket? The lake we are visiting requires that you wear a life jacket in the water. We will most likely be doing some cliff jumping (only about 10-12 feet high). I’ve never cliff jumped before and was wondering how far underwater you go … Continued

by ChrisGoldNY Question by Calvin Nastyn: How can I check how deep water is in a body of water? Alright, so i want to go cliff jumping with my friends sometime soon this summer and we want to jump off this huge cliff. We don’t know how deep the water is but we just want … Continued

Question by philisopheyes: Where can I find a pair of runners headphones that fit perfectly in the ear? My boyfriend described these headphones to me a YEAR ago. I looked and couldn’t find them; they rested against his temporal bone comfortably, with high fidelty, and transmitted sound directly to the bone. They were a Radio … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by Blink: Is there Cliff Diving in Puerto Vallarta? Im going to Puerto Vallarta next month, July 10-15, and I really want to go cliff diving. I am already planning on going bungee jumping but I also want to jump off some high cliff into the ocean. Best answer: Answer … Continued

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by Jonah Hensley: How to get rid of a fear of heights? I don’t understand it. They say that if you face your fears they will leave, but I put my self in situations like that all the time with rock climbing or riding rollercoasters or cliff diving but I always … Continued

by Schill Question by Kate K: Is Jumping over 30ft cliff diving considered adventurous? i recently went cliff diving and i want to know if it makes me adventurous. Best answer: Answer by [email protected] it felt like an adventure to you, then yes it was an adventure which in turn would make you adventurous. Umm … Continued

Question by stout1128: Is there any goo places to swim/clif jump , rope swing or anything like that in Maryland? I live around harford county md, I’m looking for any place that I can go to cliff jump or swim? Quarrys, rivers anything? Something that’s less then an hour away but if its a really … Continued

Question by watchingstarscollide: Can you give me some scary things to do like sky diving etc? Things like sky diving, cliff diving, shark cage diving, etc. but they don’t have to be diving haha those just happen to be scary. Best answer: Answer by BossDevils pool waterfall. Google it. What do you think? Answer below!

Question by Renz Lagran: What are the risks of cliff diving ? I’m doing a project . And I need atleast 5 risks of cliff diving. Such as injuries (broken neck, etc.) and paralysis. Giving five helps ! (: Best answer: Answer by TrevorI was watching 1,000 ways to die and this guy went cliff … Continued

by Hawaiian Sea Question by tenderlysoria: What are some ways to get an adrenaline rush? Im looking for sports. No drugs and such. Mainly cliff diving and any other ideas you guys may come up with. Also, places to do this in the southern California would be helpful. Thank you in advance. -T.S.M. Best answer: … Continued

Question by Yanxtar: How to calculate the height of a cliff when jumping off? I’m trying to find out the most accurate way of calculating the height of a cliff I jumped off, if I count the time of flight. Best answer: Answer by Pauls = 1/2 at^2, where a = 32 feet/sec/sec, to get … Continued

Question by MarineCorpsWife: How high can you jump into water without dieing? We were talking about cliff jumping and we are undecided on the footage when jumping could be fatal. Best answer: Answer by izzyNo more than 100 feet Give your answer to this question below!

by ccheviron Question by Hperez: How do I get to Fawns leap from the city? and are you allowed to camp there? I’m looking for a cliff jumping spot in NYS where camping is allowed. I heard about Fawns leap but not sure if they let you camp there. Best answer: Answer by Dean Dcheck … Continued

by 4ELEVEN Images Question by vintagelove1969: what are some fun outdoor places to do things in alabama or Tennessee? I want to do something outdoors and away from the city. I want to do exciting things. Ive been white water rafting in the ocoee and camping. I just got back from California where ive been … Continued

Question by : Are there any good cliff jumps or quarries in NH? I am looking for quarries and cliffs jumps in New Hampshire. I kinda want the bigger stuff…30-90 feet. Let me know where they are and how safe they are and if you have done them before. Just tell me anywhere! I want … Continued

Question by trer: Should people who willingly engage in risky activity be billed if they have to be rescued? I think it’s unfair that the taxpayer has to foot the bill when firefighters and rescue services have to come out and rescue someone who goes baseclimbing or skydiving or cliff diving or ignores warning signs … Continued

Question by salty: Are there any good lakes to go cliff jumping/diving at in Texas? Hey guys, recently I went camping with my scout troop at Inks Lake near Austin, TX and we got the chance to go cliff diving at the Devil’s Waterhole there. It was loads of fun and I was thinking if … Continued

Question by Rini: How Many Times does Kikyou Fall off a Cliff in InuYasha? I need to know. I know of the first one, and then sometime later in the series with that sacred mountain whatever, but are there any other cliff diving adventures in between? Best answer: Answer by Cindycliff diving adventures? i don’t … Continued

by Gewel Maker Question by RAW 🙂: Are there any good lakes to go cliff jumping/diving in Texas near College Station/Bryan? I’d like to go cliff diving I don’t mind driving 30 to 40 minutes to get to a lake but are there any good lakes around this area? Or even a lake just to … Continued

by A.K Photography Question by John: Guy cliff dives and splits face in half survive? On a messed up video “guy cliff dives and splits face open” does anyone know if he survived? Or what happened after that incident? Best answer: Answer by PeterThat video you describe is in fact two different video’s. The cliff … Continued

by Dùnadan Question by salty: Are there any good lakes to go cliff jumping/diving at in Texas? Hey guys, recently I went camping with my scout troop at Inks Lake near Austin, TX and we got the chance to go cliff diving at the Devil’s Waterhole there. It was loads of fun and I was … Continued

Question by Bdnkadnk: Where did the cliff-diving on “i love new york” take place? I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica and cliff-diving would it make it so great! That place looked awesome! Best answer: Answer by KrazythugzstaIono, but I think it’s somewhere in Jamaica.. If you really did go to Jamaica.. Just ask. Know … Continued

Question by carrie l: what is the movie with steven strait and where there is cliff diving? like people use the cliff diving clip in their own twilight trailors what movie is it? Best answer: Answer by kadeisha mthe covenant. such a good movie.! What do you think? Answer below!

Question by Andrea H: Which island in hawaii out of Maui Hilo Kona Kauai has the best cliff jumping? I need to know which has the best cliff jumping but im going to have my 13 year old brother with me and i want it to be safe but me and my girlfriend want to … Continued

by A.K Photography Question by Happily ever after: Should I do my physics project on bellydancing or on cliff diving? well cliff diving/diving and any sites or anything would be GREAT i have to do a physics report on the physics involved in a sport Best answer: Answer by Big MacId do cliff diving.Go to … Continued

Question by powerranger123123: Cliff jumping into water true or false? Im going cliff jumping in a few weeks and some of my buddies told me that I need to clench my buttcheeks together so water doesnt shoot up my anus and destroy my organs… Is that true? Best answer: Answer by swimathi don’t think that’s … Continued

by william.neuheisel Question by idk why u r asking me: is there anywhere to go cliff jumping in missouri? like jump off the cliff and into the water or maybe off a bridge anywhere that u can do it i live in frontenac (an outskirt of clayton which is an outskirt of missouri) and was … Continued

by Sven & Moniek Question by crazy_baby_loopy: where can you perform the ceremonial cliff dive in sims 2 castaway? Best answer: Answer by HelLobYou do the ceremonial cliff dive from Ancient Theater on Volcano Island. Go to Ancient Theater and walk towards the sea and there is a platform sticking out over the cliff. At … Continued

Question by Crissy: to cliff dive, do i need to know how to swim? i know how to swim but not very well, im going tomorrow, so will i drown if i cant swim? and any tips on swimming? what should i do to be better? how do i not sink? i know u move … Continued

Question by Trillian: Americas Next Top Model Cliff Dive? On tonights episode in hawaii they went cliff diving. Where exactly on the island did they dive? It looked like the diving near a hotel I went to but I’m not sure. Best answer: Answer by MsHoustonY DOES THAT MATTER. R U GOING TO HI??? OMG … Continued

Question by divagirl2214: where can you go cliff diving in the bahamas? im going to the bahamas in 2 days! 🙂 and I wanna go cliff diving. we will be in freeport, and nassau. Best answer: What do you think? Answer below!

Question by Tj245: are you allowed to cliff dive in pace bend park in austin texas? me and some friends are going and there are a bunch of videos on youtube and was just wondering Best answer: Answer by Barry Tno it is dangerous. What do you think? Answer below!

by ChrisGoldNY Question by Iwanna K: What is the sport called that you jump off a cliff with this kind of parachute? I don’t mean sky diving which you jump off a higher altitude using a plane and normal parachute…I mean the the kind of small parachute you jump off cliffs. What is it called? … Continued

Question by mperry3344: looking for a location called white rock cliff jumping in indiana? i know of this place called white rock its in indiana you cliff jump at it into water. Its about 40 min out of cincinnati, does anyone know the town or city this place is at? Best answer: Answer by Ol-Blu-EyesWHITE … Continued

by balazsgardi Question by AMP47427: I am going cliff diving for the first time, what do I need to know? I am 17 years old and a girl going cliff diving with some guys. I never have done this before and I just want to know any tips or things I should know? Best answer: … Continued

Question by c: taking a cruise to Cozumel Mexico want to cliff dive among other things can anyone point in right direction? Best answer: Answer by gramof6There are cliff divers there for your entertainment.Now a lecture, do not do it.If you are hurt you will not leave untill your bill is paid.Your insurance is not … Continued

by GreenViking Question by Seraph: Does anyone know where you can cliff dive at in Az? Just moved here and was wanting to know if there were any spots. Looking for about 20 to 40 ft drops Best answer: Answer by aquampoolcheck flagstaff, but truly , you have picked the most dry state in the … Continued

by madprime Question by PoOpCoRn: Poll: If you were afraid of heights, would you cliff dive with a parachute? Your money is worthless. It’s the thrill of it. Best answer: Answer by ella?for £20 Give your answer to this question below!

by A.K Photography Question by William N: Where do you cliff dive in Conowingo, Maryland? We went to Susquehanna state park and walked along the train tracks for quite a while but couldn’t find the spot. Any advice would be appreciated. Best answer: Answer by $ wifty$ you have to go up 222 twords the … Continued

When jumping from a forty foot cliff into water, how fast do you accelerate? How many g’s do you experience? To clarify, I meant how many g’s do you experience when you hit the water?

by ccheviron Question by : Swimming cliff jumping around the Denver Boulder area? Hi, I have recently moved to the Denver area and I am looking for some good swimming holes within an hour or so driving. I just came from northern New Jersey and the only thing i can say I miss about it … Continued

I was recently in the caribbean and jumped off a cliff and a friend got a good shot as i left the cliff. I updated my facebook picture last night and it is me jumping off the cliff from behind. I am in good shape/toned (and nothing is hanging out LOL). I think it is … Continued

would you sit on the rock and drink beer with me while we watched the fools?

There’s a game that I played one day that I wanna show my friends but I forgot the name of it. It’s totally pointless and it starts off with you on a cliff and you jump off of it. Each time you jump off the cliff and the game changes. It You jump off the … Continued

The video is shot in Brazil I believe, and the man jumps off a bridge and lands with his face first onto a concrete pier. Later in the video, the doctor is holding his face together, then pulls it apart and he looks like the predator. You can hear him breathing still. I want to … Continued

is there somewhere in melbourne that has a cliff you can jump off into the sea?

I’ve been trying to find the name of this movie for so long. I keep thinking Cate Blanchett played the lead. The man character ends up on a farm of some sort (lighthouse?) where she keeps looking at a spooky portrait of the lady who used to live there and breed with / train horses. … Continued

One of their moms were their just in case because some of the kids were younger(10-17 Y/O) And I only went to be with my friends because I took my 1 month old daughter. Her mom offered to hold Analeigh(anna lee) while I jump because she said she loved babies, and she seemed really into … Continued

so yea, im single, no date and v-day is this saturday. any bright ideas on what i can do?

A physics professor did daredevil stunts in his spare time. His last stunt was an attempt to jump across a river on a motorcycle. The takeoff ramp was inclined at 53 degrees, the river was 40 m. wide and the far bank was 15 m lower than the top of the ramp. The river itself … Continued

This is part II to my previous question. So you saved the Angel from jumping off the cliff. She now says her life, her well being is indebted yours. For she can not go back to the heavens. Your responsible for her now what do you do? Then save me Ivan. Im dying..

I really need to know some nice cliffs and bridges to jump off in michigan. Nothing in the upper peninsula. Must be at least 30 feet. The only bridge I know in Michigan’s LP is one in Ann Arbor. Any help would be nice. Thanks.

Just got back from it. So fun! This cliff wasn’t that high… maybe 15 ft or so. I’ve jumped off one that was 40 or 50 ft, and I didn’t like it hahaha too high for me!

When on vacation at the beach or in a jungle, what is the best manuver to jumping into a lake or river off a cliff? What’s a foolproof position to jump in to avoid hitting potential rocks at the bottom?

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