Wingsuit Flyer Joby Ogwyn Embraces Mount Everest Challenge Ogywn will use his body to steer his nylon wingsuit during his 150mph descent, avoiding the jagged cliff faces, down to his landing point at base camp. Ogwyn said: "I will visualise the jump in my mind a thousand times before I do it. The last thing … Continued

One on one with Canadian ski halfpipe star Roz Groenewoud I love jumping off of things, I love cliff jumping and riding my mountain bike across the terrain and riding in a halfpipe, but I definitely also like sitting in a corner and solving math and physics equations or reading science books and things like … Continued

Illegal BASE jump from Whistler Peak 2 Peak Gondola probed McConkey's jump, however, with fellow BASE jumper Miles Daisher, was carried out in an event sponsored by Red Bull and with the permission of Whistler Blackcomb. McConkey died in 2009 after jumping off a cliff with a parachute while filming a movie in … Read more … Continued

Reloaded: Runaway Train Danny Note: Davis wrote this article on March 14th, 2013, shortly after the Seahawks had made the deal for Percy Harvin and signed Cliff Avril. Reading it now gives me …. Will we reach our desired destination, or will we jump the tracks? This ship is … Read more on Field Gulls … Continued

Local photographers share favorite Arkansas spots … and, one of my favorites, Indian Creek. If you are not a huge hiker don't write off Kyle's Landing yet, there are many other activities to do such as canoeing, swimming, cliff jumping (at your own risk), fishing, and of course a grand place to camp … Read … Continued

Extreme Strimming Image by Auntie P I don’t know if this bush was at the end of this bloke’s garden or something (maybe a Ventnor local can illuminate me) but he didn’t seem to mind that he was atop a sheer drop. A pillow fight Basement boxing matches between us brothers only happened in extreme … Continued

There Is a Dairy Cliff, But We Won?t Fall Over It The "dairy cliff" is one of those "too good to check" stories that many media outlets can't seem to resist. Headlines like "Congress close to 'dairy cliff'; milk could jump to $ 8 a gallon" have been popping up in recent weeks. Theoretically, there … Continued

Robbery suspect who jumped in Cape Fear River still missing "Thank goodness (because) my sergeant, who didn't know the ladder was there, if he had continued to run, would have gone off a 3-story cliff," Medlock said. Medlock said the man was trying to swim across the river when he began calling for help … … Continued

12 to Watch – Lindsey Roberson Lindsey Roberson remembers the three seconds she stood on the edge of a cliff in Spain, poised to leap into the sea below. She was 19 then, a student in spring 2002 at the University of Seville. Now, even as a 31-year-old assistant … Like the jump … Read … Continued

Snowmobile accident injures Southern Door woman Justin S. Baker, 25, was booked into the Door County jail after the crash and cited with injury by intoxicated use of a snowmobile and bail jumping. He appeared in Door County Circuit Court Monday and released on a $ 1,000 … Baker was driving a … Read more … Continued

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 2013 Image by weeklydig Ten time World Champion Orlando Duque celebrates his first place victory along with second place winner Russia’s Artem Silchenko and third place winner UK’s Gary Hunt during the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event. Photo by Maria Uminski

Does extreme sport equate to extreme liability for sponsors? Where the X Games led, others such as Nitro Circus have followed – witness Red Bull X fighters, a freestyle motocross competition touring the world drawing audiences of up to 230,000 people and the Red Bull backed cliff diving World Series. Leaving … Read more on … Continued

Why people think I'm dangerous "With my balance, there's a chance I'll go right off a cliff." Moving to the wild. His sound engineering degree from the Royal … I can't cross streams over narrow bridges or jump across stones. So, I wade," he admits. "It slows the group, and once a … Read more … Continued

Harleysville heart transplant recipient races on Although he continued to work, he had dizzy spells and extreme fatigue. “I always describe heart failure as having two … “[The doctors] said it was going to be the equivalent of falling off a cliff, but they would catch me. They said, 'Derek, we won … Read more … Continued

Hot Stove Roundup: Crazy Logan deal leads 10 under-the-radar moves of note As a result, he has seen his strikeout rate jump up to 11.3 men per nine innings over those two seasons. Logan also increased his previously weak ground ball rate in 2013, an important factor for a pitcher moving to Coors Field (or … Continued

Upcoming Snow Potential & The Polar Express No worries today, but a wintry mix slushes up a few roads Monday but freeways stay wet. This week's storm is tracking farther north, pulling enough warm air into Minnesota for midweek rain. And then we swan-dive off a temperature cliff Thursday: single … Read more on Minneapolis … Continued

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 2013 Image by weeklydig Andy Jones and Kent De Mond playfully go head to head during the Red Bull Cliff Diving event. Photo by Maria Uminski October Unemployment Report Shows Almost a Million Drop Out of Labor Force While the month to month household survey figures vary greatly … Continued

Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Gets Busted For Allegedly Beating Up A Paparazzi! The pesky pap was hiding behind some cliffs on the island of Kauai on Wednesday to get some up-close-and-personal snaps of JB and his crew cliff jumping on Shipwreck's Beach — that is until tough guy Dwayne Patterson spotted him! Justin's muscle … Read more … Continued

IMG_Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 20132007 Image by weeklydig View from inside the ICA during the Red Bull Cliff Diving Event. Photo by Maria Uminski Justin Bieber's bodyguard arrested for photog assault According to, the alleged tussle went down on the island of Kauai when Bieber and his crew were jumping off … Continued

Fort Wayne native has small role in new Vince Vaughn film 'Delivery Man' Oberholtzer described the thrill he gets from acting as “kind of like jumping off a cliff. … It is a rush, man. It's fun.” He's open to doing films, theater, TV and music videos. This summer, he played a person in the … Continued

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 2013 Image by weeklydig Kris Kolanus of Poland for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Team. Photo by Maria Uminski Can sea life adapt to souring oceans? Steele, a scuba diver, had made his living since the 1970s scooping the spiny delicacies off the seafloor to sell to sushi … Continued

Washington Squanders its Gift of Time Therefore, the Eurozone has been forced by the financial markets to jump off the cliff and endure economic austerity. This privileged position has conferred on Washington the vital element of time to organize viable revisions to its entitlements. As a … Read more on Business Insider Top KU basketball … Continued

Coming Pension Meltdown: The 10 Most Troubled City Systems … rate for no-risk Treasuries or a 5.5 percent rate, consistent with current corporate bond payouts. But if pension funds were to be honest and use such numbers, real unfunded liabilities would jump by a third or more. … says Carl Cannon of … Read more … Continued

Extreme Strimming Image by Auntie P I don’t know if this bush was at the end of this bloke’s garden or something (maybe a Ventnor local can illuminate me) but he didn’t seem to mind that he was atop a sheer drop. Are these the 10 best attractions in Europe? Due to the extreme average … Continued

'Rebel Without a Cause' … the emotional minefield of Dean's family defined and re-defined within the frame, Dean splayed in torment across the length of the frame on his red couch, Natalie Wood jumping up and down as she gives the signal for the cars to start racing toward … Read more on Huffington Post … Continued

Politically Uncorrected: America Has a Problem They have won control of enough state legislatures to allow them to gerrymander 30 to 40 districts so thoroughly that their incumbents are now accountable only to a small clique of extremists –a clique more than willing to take the country off the … Read more on PoliticsPA Must … Continued

'Kings of Summer' reigns triumphant through fall They spend their days swimming and cliff jumping, racing each other through fields, slicing things with swords and pounding rhythms out on an abandoned pipeline. They're on the cusp of adulthood, just beginning to figure out who they are. Although they … Read more on Miami Student Composer … Continued

General Electric bets on big machines But since 2008 — when financial services led the world economy off a cliff — the company has shifted to making more stuff and fewer loans. When the company reports its third-quarter earnings today, GE is unlikely to report a big jump in profits, and … Read more on … Continued

Extreme Strimming Image by Auntie P I don’t know if this bush was at the end of this bloke’s garden or something (maybe a Ventnor local can illuminate me) but he didn’t seem to mind that he was atop a sheer drop.

A's-Tigers ALDS Preview More than a few pundits warned that he'd fall off a cliff as the season progressed, as his blistering first two months were out of line with his uninspiring career line. He fell off, but only marginally, hitting .284/.376/.466 in the second half … Read more on Weis Talks About Homecoming … Continued

Cliff Erwin: Assessing government efficiency a complex task This does not mean it isn't important to find better ways for local school districts to function efficiently, given the extreme financial challenges many of them face with declining enrollment, delayed state aid payments, decreased transportation … Read more on The State Journal-Register Ben Carson: 'I had … Continued

The Syllabus: What you need to know for the September 21 'MHP' On Saturday's Melissa Harris-Perry, our host and panel will take a deep dive into the American problem of gun violence. To shut down or not to shut down? That is once again the question. As we hurtle towards yet another fiscal cliff the … Continued

Closeup of Indian Petroglyphs Mentioned in the Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Are Found on a Limestone Cliff at the Mouth of the Nemaha River near Troy, Kansas…10/1974 Image by The U.S. National Archives Original Caption: Closeup of Indian Petroglyphs Mentioned in the Journal of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Are Found on … Continued

Football: Hold on a second, just when did the Commonwealth get passed? In fact, if you jump into those records, you can see that it's McDevitt doing the heavy lifting, as it holds three of the five wins over the Commonwealth after another 3-0 start against their former division-mates. Those aren't bad losses for those … Continued

Cliff jumping Image by ccheviron Cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia Newmarket man dies on Little Gull Lake … to resurface after jumping into the lake from a height of approximately seven metres. According to Const. Paul Potter, Plank had been part of a group who were cliff-jumping and had been accidently struck by another person … Continued

Land’s End Cliff Image by Duda Arraes Located in the extreme westerly point of mainland England, the Land’s End is one of the many wonderful places in Cornwall. @ Land’s End, England, United Kingdom, Europe. Guest Voz: Texas — prime example of a state government failing its people and … A budget hawk in D.C., … Continued

Lake Powell officials emphasize safety following several deaths Boating safety isn't the Park Service's only concern. Activities seen on YouTube are being done at the lake. Cliff-jumping has been banned here for years, at least above 15 feet. Ziplining is also banned. But the latest wild water wonder, Flyboards jet … Read more on Deseret … Continued

In India, Toilet Paper Becomes More Valuable Than the Rupee That is the risk right now, so things either are going to suddenly get much better with a new set of policies or India is about to jump off the cliff. See also: Can Raghuram Rajan save India? Unfortunately, emerging market investors now have to … Continued

Woman rescued after coasteering accident in Cornwall Woman rescued after coasteering accident in Cornwall. Last updated Tue 27 Aug 2013. UK · Pentire beach · Cornwall · Coasteering · Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter Share on Google+. The RNLI, cliff rescue team, lifeguards, paramedics and the rescue … Read more on ITV News … Continued

Five Unusual Places to Visit on Your Way Back from Burning Man There are several cliffs along I-80 where you can jump into the water, but one of the best is about two miles before Exit 36 past the Clark Station power plant. You have to cross a barbed fence and the train tracks, but … Continued

Cliff jumping Image by ccheviron Cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia Football: CU Buffs' Uzo-Diribe looking ahead to future he never thought possible Even if the NFL is not something that lasts long for me, just to have something help jump-start life after football." Until the NFL comes calling, Uzo-Diribe will focus on trying to lead … Continued

Mat finish keeps Cowen on the up It represented great progress for the 26-year-old from Cross Roads, who started the season in the Red Bull Cliff diving series with a last-place finish in La Rochelle, France. And speaking after his best dive yet in Barcelona, Cowen – who moved up from … Read more on Keighley … Continued

Swimming – Colombian beats Brit to high dive world title The 38-year-old Colombian was one of 15 male cliff divers taking part in the first world championship competition in the event's history, scoring 590.20 with his leap from the 27m platform into Barcelona's harbour. Britain's Gary Hunt was on course to … Read more on … Continued

Armie Hammer: The new Lone Ranger The pair have been married for two years and were both adrenalin junkies until Chambers broke one of her back bones while cliff-diving. 'Now I do it for the both of us,' says Hammer. 'Elizabeth calls it my frontal lobe development disorder – that's … Read more on Metro … Continued

Some Mountains Image by Katie@! Krauthammer: Effort to defund Obamacare 'really dumb' The only alternative is to go over a cliff. It is really dumb.” Host Bret Baier suggested that some Republican members of the House may feel compelled to go that direction because that's what they were primarily elected to do. But Krauthammer dismissed … Continued

Britain depends far more on the tourism magic of the royal family than it … Still, to get off the well trodden tourist path, to go beyond the posh places where the world's investment bankers and sleazy Russian, Arab and African kleptocrats play, is like jumping off a cliff. The economic malaise is profound, widespread … Continued

Hot day in the Park Cooling off. A swimmer enjoys the cold water of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River after jumping from the Belton Bridge. … Two big billy goats lounge on cool rocks in the shade of a cliff at Oberlin Bend on Glacier Park's Going-to-the-Sun Road … Read more on Flathead … Continued

Is There A Wile E. Coyote Stock Market In the Making? Meanwhile, it looks like the sharp jump in mortgage rates is already having an impact on the all-important housing market recovery. Wednesday morning, the Commerce Department reported housing starts dropped a steep 9.9% in June. On Tuesday, the … Read more on Wall Street … Continued

Rywalizacja Kobiet podczas Cliff Diving we W?oszech! Ju? w najbli?szy weekend odb?d? si? historyczne zawody Red Bull Cliff Diving – historyczne z jednego powodu, poniewa? po raz pierwszy w historii tej serii odb?d? si? zawody kobiet. Panie b?dziemy mogli obserwowa? ju? 13 lipca we W?oszech. Read more on Wiadomosci 24 Saipan: Secret Pacific paradise? With … Continued

The road to Cicely Bungee jumping has no appeal, or cliff diving. It might have been nice to sail around the world for a year, but I don't have a boat. Marathons look painful. I've already written some books. I did buy a new car, but it's not a convertible and mostly my … Read … Continued

Rock Wall Climbing at Kaputash Canyon Image by GOP: Obamacare delay may be illegal President Barack Obama may be breaking his Obamacare law by delaying its tax penalties on employers that don't provide health care to employees, according to GOP leaders. The question comes in the days after Obama's deputies' June 2 announcement … … Continued

Cowen pleased at progress in Denmark Mat Cowen was delighted after his big improvement at the second event of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, which saw him finish ninth in Denmark. More than 25,000 spectators were treated to a high-diving masterclass as the world's best jumped … Read more on Bradford Telegraph and … Continued

Court: Supervisors must be able to hire and fire WASHINGTON (AP) — A sharply divided Supreme Court on Monday decided to make it harder for Americans to sue businesses for retaliation and discrimination, leading a justice to call for Congress to overturn the court's actions. The court's conservatives … Read more on Daily Caller Punchbowl … Continued

High diver Cowen starts with low in World Cliff Diving Championships “To be at a Red Bull Cliff diving event is where everyone in my sport aims to be, it's the pinnacle of our profession. “On the first day it was really difficult bec-ause we had a 50kph wind at the top of the cliff … Continued

Rock Wall Climbing at Kaputash Canyon Image by Mystery man hands out cash to supporters of Colorado Dem facing a recall over … A mysterious man who no one claims to know was caught on video slipping $ 20 bills to volunteers supporting embattled Colorado state Sen. Angela Giron, who is facing a … Continued

What I'm not Likewise, I not about to jump off a bridge with a rubber band tied around my waist, drop from a helicopter with skis on my feet, dive off a ledge that's 1,300 feet above the water or rappel down a sheer cliff. I'm just not good at those sorts of thing … … Continued

Here is the NSA whistle blower's alleged girlfriend [PHOTOS] When Edward Snowden fled to Hong Kong after leaking National Security Agency surveillance secrets, he happened to leave a super hot girlfriend behind. Inside Edition and The Daily Mail identified Snowden's lady friend as Lindsay Mills, an acrobat who … Read more on Daily Caller Fire … Continued

I am conservative (and so can you) Despite being perhaps the leading “conservative reformer” in the nation, it turns out Josh Barro isn't conservative. He has conceded that. And today, he goes a step further, suggesting that conservative policies are “bad,” and that, “[t]he solution … Read more on Daily Caller Handy U-Print-It Pocket Guide: … Continued

Cliff jumping Image by ccheviron Cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia Rubberbandits for Eurovision 2014 The Irish entry, of which I had been blissfully unaware, seemed to consist of a number of semi-naked, tattooed men plastered in baby oil jumping up and down and beating Lambeg drums, while their leather trouser-wearing pal called Ryan sang an … Continued

Luis Hernandez (Alpha & Omega) In order to understand Hernandez's morbidity, punknews' John Gentile called up the vocalist where they talked about Hernandez's upbringing, the new record, metaphysics, and doing swan dives off of cliffs. Click "Read More" to see how John needlessly … Read more on Seahawks QB Arrested, Waived: Seattle Announce Decision … Continued

Youngsters team up to build solar-powered float Mr Furqan conceived of the float as a tribute to his son Bilal, who lost his life cliff diving at Admiralty House Park in 2011. He decided to use it as a lesson for his young relatives to learn about building solar panels, and obtaining different … Read … Continued

Hundreds remember UO tennis star at memorial service Family and friends remembered a 21-year-old University of Oregon tennis star at a memorial service in Portland on Saturday. Alex Rovello drowned one week ago after jumping off a 60-foot cliff into Tamolitch Pool, a popular place for cliff diving … Read more on KATU Abrams boldly … Continued

Star Trek: Into Darkness (Paramount Pictures, PG-13) – PLAYBACK:stl If you've seen the trailer, you will have seen two separate scenes of characters jumping from very high altitudes. I guess that's appropriate, because in the last 20 minutes, the movie itself completely jumps off a cliff. It kills me that I can't tell … Read … Continued

Triple Crown Try: Orb, Kentucky Derby Winner, Prepares For Preakness Run Best 2013 Sports Photos. Andy Jones of the United States competes during the Red Bull Cliff Diving qualifying round in the Hawkesbury River on January 31, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Cameron Spencer, Getty Images) … Read more on Huffington Post JA Happ Injury: Blue … Continued

Kelly Nash Selfie Captures Dramatic Near-Miss (PHOTO) – Huffington Post Best 2013 Sports Photos. Andy Jones of the United States competes during the Red Bull Cliff Diving qualifying round in the Hawkesbury River on January 31, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Cameron Spencer, Getty Images) … Read more on Huffington Post Best Travel Photos Of The … Continued

The tax revenue hole will grow – The Age As Tim Colebatch explains elsewhere on these pages, next month's budget doesn't represent the fatal dive off a cliff that much of the media is threatening, but it is part of a potential slide that needs political integrity and perhaps even bravery to … Read more … Continued

Beware of Facebook's 'like Farmers' You will see a post that says, “Bet you can't name a country without an 'A' in it”, or a picture shows a man standing on the edge of a cliff and the caption instructs you to “Type 'jump' in the comment box and see what happens”. Of course, nothing … Continued

'Grown Ups 2' Trailer: Taylor Lautner Plays Hunky Frat Boy Villian, Bullies … A new face to the film, “Twilight” star Taylor Lautner, appears in the trailer portraying his character "Andy," a pushy frat boy, who forces the all-star cast to commit the bare-skinned high-flying jump. Unlike his consistently topless scenes in … Read more … Continued

Jury selection begins in Richland nanny's manslaughter trial "If Tawney had 30 seconds of joy in that five days she was at Roosevelt lake and actually smiled while jumping off a cliff, I'm actually happy for her," Miller told the court. Attorney Johnson said case law allows the defense to present evidence of … Read … Continued

UK Track & Field Opens Outdoor Facility In Style He also placed second in the long jump and had a 1.88M / 6'2" high jump. … Other shoe drive drop-off locations include the Johnson Recreation Center, Shively Sports Center (adjacent to Cliff Hagan Stadium) and CATS (attached to Memorial Coliseum). Read more on UKAthletics Southwest … Continued

Bachelorette Star Desiree Hartstock Prepares for 9th Season Premiere Her adventurous spirit and athletic nature will definitely come in handy as the Bachelorette star, being that the show often mixes daredevil dates, like rappelling down the side of a building or cliff diving, with romantic dinners and roses. When she … Read more on Highlight … Continued

Ed Rush Resigns As Pac-12 Basketball Head Of Officials After 'Inappropriate … Best 2013 Sports Photos. Andy Jones of the United States competes during the Red Bull Cliff Diving qualifying round in the Hawkesbury River on January 31, 2013 in Sydney, Australia. (Cameron Spencer, Getty Images) … Read more on Huffington Post Comic Book Review … Continued

Cliff jumping Image by ccheviron Cliff jumping in Dubrovnik, Croatia Tax Freedom Day arrives April 18, 2013 Tax Freedom Day is five days later than last year, due mainly to the fiscal cliff deal that raised federal taxes on individual income and payroll. Additionally, the Affordable Care Act's investment tax and excise tax went into … Continued

Oakland's 2013 Rotation According To ZiPS It's no secret that Nico and I have extreme, homerific love for Tommy Milone. Last spring, I had already decided that he was going to turn into a Cliff Lee clone sometime in his career, which is a terrible comparison because Lee throws 3-4 miles faster … Read more … Continued

Shane McConkey movie by Red Bull, Matchstick premieres at Tribeca Fest The late Shane McConkey performs the first-ever urban ski BASE jump off the roof of the Silver Legacy hotel casino in Reno, Nev., in 2007. McConkey died four years ago Tuesday jumping a cliff in Italy. ( Scott Sady, Reno Sparks Convention and Visit) … Continued

Victory at hand for the climate movement The melting of the Arctic sea ice, decades before expected, was the poster child of this but extreme weather and temperature records across the world, notably in the USA, suggested this Arctic melting is a symptom of accelerating system change. It also … Read more on ABC Local … Continued

Cliffs ~ Project 365/260 Image by Echo9er September 219, 2009. Went for a drive today. Drove about 30 miles west of Lahaina, curving roads, until I found a high spot. These cliffs looked interesting, almost like the beak of a bird. Minor color adjustments in Lightroom. Border and resize in PS Elements. Photo captured using … Continued

Bella Cliff Dive Special Effects Set at Pool Image by VancityAllie Bella Cliff Dive Special Effects Set at Pool Catching up: Borks help UNI at Missouri Valley Conference meet Catching up: Borks help UNI at Missouri Valley Conference meet. Mitchell natives Reva and Rhennetta Bork competed in the Missouri Valley Conference Swimming and Diving Championships … Continued

Poison Pill Politics A Pew Research Center report released this week found that most Americans think the Republican Party, unlike the Democratic Party, is out of touch with the American people and too extreme. And most Americans did not see Republicans as open to change or … Read more on New York Times THE DISTILLERY: … Continued

Extreme Picnicing Image by Turkinator Capo Pertusato These guys have got their picnic tables out at the top of a 100m cliff to eat and watch the sunset.

Playing the fall gal doesn't get Heidi Pascoe down At 24, she became the first woman to win the Acapulco Cliff Diving Championship in Mexico. The 90-foot dive was especially difficult because Pascoe had to jump out far enough to avoid the rocky shoreline below. A TV producer saw footage of the … Read more … Continued

Bella Cliff Dive Special Effects Set at Pool Image by VancityAllie Bella Cliff Dive Special Effects Set at Pool Top 25 best free games and apps for the PS Vita Jump off a cliff and perform aerial trickery via AR card-based title Cliff Diving. On a similar augmented reality note, there's the Fantavision-alike Fireworks available, … Continued

Frustration/Renting a home We are in the same position. All I hear when people come over is, "I don't know how you do it. I would go crazy in such a small place." Number one, that's a dig on my home that I provide for my kids so go jump off a cliff. Number two, … Continued

?????????? ?????? ? ??????? ??????? ????? Red Bull Cliff Diving 2013 ?????? ??????????? ???? ?? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ???? ?????????? ??????? ????? Red Bull Cliff Diving ? ??????????? ??????! ?????? ?????-??????? ??????? ???? ??????? ? ?????? ??????? ??????? ?????, ????? ??? ???????? … Read more on DETROIT LIONS NOTEBOOK: Cliff Avril wont face … Continued

Donald Sales stays witty as he launches Project 20 “When I left Ballet B.C., it never felt like I was jumping off a cliff; I never put all my eggs in one basket—I knew music would carry me a bit,” he says, then admits: “But there was a moment in the first year, you know, … Continued

EDITORIAL: Yet another mixed bag for economy As usual, it appears as if the headwinds are coming out of Washington, where the threat of a fiscal cliff dive and upcoming, automatic cuts to defense and various spending programs left business feeling uneasy about the stability of the economic recovery. Read more on Central Michigan Life … Continued

Strategies for Success in New Media: Key takeaways from NMX 2013 Red Bull hosted a cliff-diving competition, Coca-Cola launched its Coca-Cola Journey website, covering everything from women's rights to small business owners in Kenya, and Old Spice engages its Facebook Fans with its wildly successful “Believe in your … Read more on BostInno (blog) At … Continued

Thirteen battle for Red Bull Cliff Diving Established cliff divers, such as Michal Navratil (Czech Republic) – already third overall in 2011 and a podium finisher 2012, Cyrille Oumedjkane (France, 5th overall 2011), Kent De Mond (USA, podium finisher 2012) and former British Olympian Blake … Read more on Trinidad News 9 Out of 10 … Continued

Fiscal cliff deal bought Washington a little time, and it must be used wisely … The best part of the fiscal cliff "solution" that members of Congress passed on New Year's Day is that it prevented the nation's economy — momentarily, at least — from nose-diving into a canyon like Thelma and Louise's Thunderbird convertible. … Continued

More cliff–diving to come The leadership has now averted the much-talked-about fiscal cliff , which was never the threat that it was purported to be. Rather, it provided a wonderful opportunity for the do-nothing Senate to craft legislation that supports the president's agenda … Read more on The Hill (blog) Coburn says cliff–diving has its … Continued

Extreme Angle – Rocks Image by Grizdave Out on our 5+ hour drive and shoot, my wife and I came across this rock hillside with trees growing out of the top edge of the face, and it was an Extremely sheer cliff face. Drought disaster tag seen as minor Conservation district officials described a federal … Continued

Dan Senor, Michael Steele: Over the cliff we go By KEVIN ROBILLARD | 12/31/12 7:38 AM EST. Two Republican pundits predicted a cliff dive for the American Congress on Monday, while a lone Democrat held out hope for a deal. (Also on POLITICO: Major progress toward fiscal cliff deal). Continue … Read more on Politico … Continued

EXTREME Image by Tal777 I am 🙂 in the Air ,and i shot myself doing sharp turn with the parachute towards the cliff , this was pure adrenaline, so fun !! :-). © tal_axl The Real Cliff of Concern – Loss of the Middle Class Taxing is a double edge sword, and when taken to … Continued

Extreme Danger, but Who Cares? Image by William Bereza Cliffs of Moher. The Samaritans signs is an interesting touch. They run the suicide prevention hotline in Ireland. Colorado man among two mountaineers killed on Argentina climb They shared a taste for extreme adventure and for the next 23 years they often traveled together to the … Continued

Van Hollen: Boehner "Has Turned the Keys…Over to the Tea Party Caucus" (Last week, Boehner, unable to line up enough GOP support, was forced to pull his so-called Plan B proposal to avert the fiscal cliff.) Boehner "has turned the keys to the car over to the tea party caucus…to the most extreme members of … Continued

News bites: Oil prices drop amid fears of 'cliff' dive News bites: Oil prices drop amid fears of 'cliff' dive. By Ben Geman – 12/21/12 07:52 AM ET. Tweet. Oil prices fell early Friday as fears intensify that the U.S. will go over the “fiscal cliff.” The Associated Press has more here. A new survey … Continued

Cliffs of Moher – by land Image by rebecca19804 okay, I confess… I’ve walked right past the ‘EXTREME DANGER Cliff Falls Continuing’ sign….! Stock market falls after Republicans cancel 'fiscal cliff' vote Fiscal Cliff Boehner 122112.jpg Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, joined by House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., left, speaks to reporters … Continued

Jumping off the Fiscal Cliff As Obama seems to be saying, “Give me what I want or I'll drive this economy off the cliff — and I'll blame you.” There is a rich tradition in our culture of going over the cliff, from Wiley Coyote to Butch Cassidy to Indiana Jones. The jump doesn't … … Continued

A technical guide to cliff–jumping, fiscal and otherwise The secret to surviving this form of cliff-diving is timing. If you launch your dive at the proper moment, as the ocean waves are surging in toward you, there will be enough water in the bay below to allow a safe entry. However, if you time it … Continued

Cliff Dive: A Stalemate and a Scrooge Christmas Washington took a step closer to the dreaded “fiscal cliff” today with campaign-style sniping replacing negotiations and the speaker of the House declaring talks have reached “a stalemate.” “There's a stalemate,” Speaker of the House John Boehner told … Read more on ABC News (blog)

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