1. Head west on E 300 N toward N Main St go 253 ft total 253 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto N Main St About 12 mins go 6.2 mi total 6.2 mi
3. Continue onto N 800 E About 3 mins go 1.5 mi total 7.7 mi
4. Continue onto UT-165 S/S 200 W Continue to follow UT-165 S About 6 mins go 4.2 mi total 11.9 mi
5. Turn left onto W 9100 S About 49 secs go 0.4 mi total 12.3 mi
6. Take the 3rd right onto UT-165 S/S 100 E Continue to follow UT-165 S About 5 mins go 2.8 mi total 15.1 mi
7. Turn right onto S 800 E/S Canyon Rd/State Route 162 go 0.2 mi total 15.4 mi
8. Turn left onto E 11200 S/E Canyon Rd Continue to follow E Canyon Rd About 2 mins go 0.5 mi total 15.9 mi
9. Turn right onto S 1200 E/E Canyon Rd Continue to follow E Canyon Rd About 5 mins go 2.2 mi total 18.1 mi
10. Continue onto La Plata Rd About 2 mins go 0.7 mi total 18.7 mi
11. Slight left About 8 mins go 1.9 mi total 20.6 mi
12. There are two places to jump: one is directly next to the dam. cross the dam from the road and hike east untill you see a good exit point. The better place to jump is farther down the road. continue east on the dirt road for about 15 minutes or about 2 miles. Where the road crosses a stream bed. park there and swim across the lake to the great looking cliffs. If the water is low there are other cliffs to jump of off.

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La Plata Rd Paradise, UT United States
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La Plata Rd
United States



UT Porcupine Reservoir Paradise

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