have you ever been cliff diving on oahu? if so then where are some good spots to do it?

not upstate New York.. but somewhere in New York City that I can get to by bus/subway, or somewhere in Long Island?

Hey, my friends and I went to devil’s den today in search of the cliff diving spot as seen on numerous videos on youtube. We treked for miles and were unable to find it. Can anyone give me directions on how to get to the spot either by the trails you took or a road … Continued

Where is a good place to go cliff diving in las vegas? I wanna go tomorrow with some friends and directions would be good too if you know them… thanks!

so in english class we have our own independent books, and at the moment im reading newmoon and were supposed to make a newspaper article about a newsworthy event thats happened in your book. Well i really think the part where Bella jumps off the cliff is pretty newsworthy! The only problem Im having at … Continued

I went cliff diving in jamaica, and some water flew into my nose, after that day I keep spitting. Its like the mucus keeps running into my throat which causes me to spit. Would the water have anything to do with my constant spitting? I need some answers! it was about last month salt water … Continued

im going to Maui this Saturday. i was interested in cliff diving, i believe the place im staying is in ka’anapali beach ? so anywhere around there . ive never done it before so maybe a place with a trainor and cliffs no higher than 40ft thanks(:

I want to know where there’s a good place not many people know about to cliff jump that’s high but not TOO high. and it can be in any country. if you could give me tips on how to actually do a cliff dive that would be helpful, and how you can know from above … Continued

i am dying to go cliff diving, but cant dive and am scared as shit. can u please tell me how it feels if you just jump without diving?

When you jump off a high diving board, or, as i said, a cliff, your legs and arms seem to uncontrollably move around, what is a word for that? I want to say they fray, but I looked up the definition and it is definitely not it. Spasm seems like it could work, but it … Continued

I live in Waco Texas and want to go cliff diving

I have done it several times off a 30 foot cliff in Hawaii. Kindly answer yes or no to my question.

I jumped a few times from a twelve ft and one from a 25 ft. My ears had water in them but didn’t actually hurt until about an hour later. It’s been two more hours and I want to cry. I tried to use rubbing alc but it didn’t work. Help!!

I mean like your husband is adventurous and likes doing new cool things!WOULD YOU DO IT?

I’ve heard of this before from other people, but can’t find anything online from it. Thanks for the help!!!!

is there any perfect place in NY or New jersey or any place that’s not so far from NYC that’s perfect for cliff diving? because i have this brilliant idea of going cliff diving with my class since we are the ones who get to pick the trips because we are seniors

If the entire human race (except yourself) all suddenly ran, in unison, over the nearest fatal drop, what would it be like? What would you do? How would you react to the billions of recently dead? Why would everyone jump off cliffs? And how would you spend your days as the last of the humans, … Continued

this is a projecticle motion physics problem. if you could show the steps, it would be most appreciated.

okay so i was on this site http://www.newmoonmovie.org/2009/08/alternate-full-new-moon-trailer-with-italy/ and in there you see bella or i think its bella she jumps off a cliff is that the real one and if so is there one where i can just watch the cliff diving scene

….and please dont give any stupid personal opinions….i am well aware of the dangers of it and i dont need anyone else telling me what can kill me or not.

They mostly use it in New Moon videos. The girl is jumping off a cliff in a white dress.

Okay, so, my mom agreed to take two of my friends and I on a road trip somewhere for a weekend, to go cliff diving; but I can’t find anywhere online that we can go. Are there any spots you would recommend, and how much would it cost?

I’ve always loved cliff jumping at grayson lake, ky but one day someone rolled up and told us it was banned that day and that we was warned then but any other day we could be fined up to 5,000$, this kills me because that is my favorite summer time thing to do because it … Continued

i have a question about this…can ANYONE dive off this cliff or just really good divers ? In other words, can an average person jump (feet first) off this cliff or would it be devastatin to them ?

I jumped off a cliff last week and was wondering how high it was. I weigh 155lbs. and was in the air for 2.4 seconds. How far did I jump in feet? Thanks!

Cliff Diving is where you jump off a cliff for fun and adrenaline rush. I’ve done it when i was younger but not for a very long time. It can be pretty dangerous though. Thanks, Chris

i live in broomfield colorado.. and i was just wondering where some close places to go cliff diving.. any help would be nice

Ok. So my moms boyfriend got my hooked on cliff diving.i live in georgia but right now i am in bailey, CO. So i was wondering if anybody knew of any places to go cliff diving. Me and a friend have been wanting to go since we got down here..

I NEED HELP! I am making a video on Windows Movie Maker (Vista), and I need a clip of Bella cliff diving in New Moon. HELP ME! I really need a download!

i recently jumped of some 10-30 foot cliffs at saguaro lake. and when i came up i let all my breath go then i got a super bad pain in my head like at the base of skull where it meets my neck. and since then i get alot of headaches in that region. what … Continued

Where can I Cliff Dive on the island of Oahu? I’ll be in Makaha June 1-11. I’m also looking for any suggestions for cheap (under $10 a person) or free things to do. I’m an avid hiker and cliff diver. I’m planning on doing some snorkeling and scuba diving also. I’ve had a hard time … Continued

i wanna do something on long island thats fun, and free. im looking for something me n my buddies would like to do. i wanna find a cliff we can jump off into a lake or a rope swing that will shoot us up pretty hie. Also we ride dirbikes, and quads and wanna find … Continued

So I’m reading New Moon and I’m very impatient to find out when Bella goes cliff diving. xD I’m also very lazy and don’t wanna find it myself. So anyways if someone can give me the chapter and maybe even the page number that would be awesome!

i have been to a few places this summer but none ur able to flip off cuz it real uneven rocks from where u jump

Does anyone know where you can cliff jump into the river/lakes in the dells. I see big cliffs and videos of it on youtube, but i don’t know where to find these spots! Please help!

A diver running 1 m/s dives out horizontally from the edge of a vertical cliff and 2.8 s later reaches the water below. How high was the cliff in meters?

Do you have to have a boat to get there?

I’m going up to Willow River, MN tomorrow afternoon and was wondering where some cliff jumping spots might be. I heard a little about Moose Lake or Kettle River, but can’t find much info. Or any places on the way north to Willow River from Forest Lake, MN would be good to know too

cliff jumping is jumping off a cliff into water (if you didn’t already know) there are 3 heights where i’m going. a 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft. I use tampons but have never been on my period while swimming. is it okay to use tampons and jump off the cliff into the water? because I heard … Continued

Im leaving for vacation and im staying at the moon palace resort in Punta Cana. Im wondering if there is any nearby locations that are used for cliff diving???

Somewhat near Wisconsin Dells (and a place where its legal) would be nice.

i want to go cliff diving but i live in florida but i could also go bungee jumping so if there is any bungee jumping or cliff diving in florida can u tell me plz

Has anyone tried this? Is it relatively safe if kept far from the face? Would the pressure hitting the water crack the case? I want to try some funky shots holding the camera while jumping.

I’d prefer somewhere in western washington… but anywhere around works too.

I’m looking for some places/a place to go cliff diving near the panhandle of Florida. It can be anywhere in Alabama, GA, FL, or the surrounding states (preferrably w/in a few hours drive). I used to go to a place somewhere in Alabama (w/in a few hours of Selma) but I can’t remember where i … Continued

I need to know which has the best cliff jumping but im going to have my 13 year old brother with me and i want it to be safe but me and my girlfriend want to be able to enjoy our self to?? I have been looking and cant tell which island has the best … Continued

Im going cliff jumping in a few weeks and some of my buddies told me that I need to clench my buttcheeks together so water doesnt shoot up my anus and destroy my organs… Is that true?

Can anyone tell me the best spots for cliff jumping into a river or lake in western Washington, near tacoma,olympia,seattle, etc.

Preferably somewhere around the Bay Area but if you know other great places please tell me about those too.

like jump off the cliff and into the water or maybe off a bridge anywhere that u can do it i live in frontenac (an outskirt of clayton which is an outskirt of missouri) and was wondering if there was anywhere to go cliff jumping in missouri not too far away maybe a link or … Continued

My friends and I are planning to go on a group date and are wondering which would be better. Cliff diving into a lake or hiking up a mountain? Have been cliff diving and hiking before not that dangerous I’m a girl and it’s three more girls and four guys

I’m making a New Moon themed video on Windows Movie Maker and need a clip. I need something like what this person has in the beginning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aqdUiJ6jHc but I have no clue how or where i could download it. Thanks!

i know of this place called white rock its in indiana you cliff jump at it into water. Its about 40 min out of cincinnati, does anyone know the town or city this place is at?

Just wondering, I weigh 140 pounds and I go cliff jumping and I feel the wind goin down pretty good so I’ve always wondered how fast I was going.

I would like to go watch the cliff diving. What is the best time of day? How far is it from Iberostar Rose Hall. How do you suggest we get there and what time is best?

What are the top locations for Michigan cliff jumping? Areas 20+ ft off the water.

Im going to Puerto Vallarta next month, July 10-15, and I really want to go cliff diving. I am already planning on going bungee jumping but I also want to jump off some high cliff into the ocean.

Hi, I have recently moved to the Denver area and I am looking for some good swimming holes within an hour or so driving. I just came from northern New Jersey and the only thing i can say I miss about it there was the swimming holes and cliffjumping spots, thats it. If there is … Continued

i recently went cliff diving and i want to know if it makes me adventurous.

well cliff diving/diving and any sites or anything would be GREAT i have to do a physics report on the physics involved in a sport

Okay so this weekend I’m going to lake and I’ll be cliff jumping and going tubing/ knee boarding and such. About a month ago I got my industrial done. It seems to be healing pretty fine. I went swimming the other day, and jumped off a diving board. When I hit the water and the … Continued

I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica and cliff-diving would it make it so great! That place looked awesome!

like people use the cliff diving clip in their own twilight trailors what movie is it?

The Sheraton Maui Resort cliff dive ceremony doesn’t look too impressive. I’m looking for the professional stuff. Cliffs hundreds of feet tall.

I have never been cliff jumping and I am really wanting to try it out. I am not a rock climber so I need somewhere where it is easy to get back up to the top to jump again. Any ideas on where I can go in Texas?

im going to the bahamas in 2 days! 🙂 and I wanna go cliff diving. we will be in freeport, and nassau.

I do alot of extreme things..For example,free running,best move back flip off a two story building),bridge jumping,gainers and cliff diving.But does all that attract the ladies?

Hey guys, recently I went camping with my scout troop at Inks Lake near Austin, TX and we got the chance to go cliff diving at the Devil’s Waterhole there. It was loads of fun and I was thinking if there were other lakes or places around Texas that would be fun to go cliff … Continued

Hey guys, recently I went camping with my scout troop at Inks Lake near Austin, TX and we got the chance to go cliff diving at the Devil’s Waterhole there. It was loads of fun and I was thinking if there were other lakes or places around Texas that would be fun to go cliff … Continued

I was looking to go cliff jumping and wondering if there are any good places in Colorado for it. Also I am wondering how dangerous it is. Any info on it will help Sorry. Go cliff jumping into like a lake or river or something like that.

I’ve been cliff diving for a while now, but from only about ten feet above the water. How high can I go before it would probably be too much? I’m 16 and super athletic

We went to Lake Saguaro today and couldn’t find a good spot to cliff dive. We also stopped at Butcher Jones beach because we saw from afar and we hated it! We want to go to a beach that has actual sand. We have gone to Canyon Lake in the past and went cliff diving … Continued

i have never gone cliff jumping and im wondering if anyone has any tips for me and also I am scared of deep water so im wondering when you jump in, how do you get your body to come back to the top?? Im going tomorrow so please answer!!!

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