by kewing Question by luke: What is something crazy to do/ adrenaline filled? Me and my friends have car surfed , been skydiving , cliff jumping , played with fire in any way we could think of , blown things up , built sleds to sled with , been street racing , urban exploring , … Continued

by UCFFool Question by phil: At velocity does water get as hard as cement on contact? I know I’ve seen shows on like cliff diving where they explain how water can break every bone in your body if you dive wrong and your going fast enough on contact. What is that velocity you need to … Continued

Question by Blue: Can you describe in a scene what the word happiness means to you? Here is mine: I’m on a cliff on an island surrounded by a very deep ocean… it is some secluded island and just to cliff dive into the great big ocean all day long! that to me is my … Continued

by John Lemieux Question by : What are some fun family things to do in NYC or Boston? I am 14, and my family is going to Manhattan soon to have fun before school starts. I have a little 5-year-old, and my mom who can’t really do anything to crazy (cliff-jumping, huge malls, etc) because … Continued

by william.neuheisel Question by mayride: how high can you jump off something into water and live? I go cliff jumping into lakes thats from 40-60ft high and I was wondering how much higher can you go untill its really unsafe? Best answer: Answer by ULooKWeiRDSome people have jumped from a plane and survived. It also … Continued

Question by Headwha: What is a good place to go camping in southern Ontario? I know about Sandbanks, but am looking for something more woodsy (I live right by a beach). Specific interests….Hiking, beautiful view, swimming (maybe some cliff diving) , in the Hamilton area or Toronto preferred, Niagara Falls works as well. Alcohol friendly … Continued

by Matthew Winterburn Question by wakawaka12: How do you get balls to do awesome sh*t? I see movies on youtube where people surf huge waves, flip off cliffs, jump dirt bikes, skydive, snowbard down steep slopes and the list goes on. Anyone know how to get rid of the mental bullshit that stops me doing … Continued

by nathanmac87 Question by jump!: Where are good spots for cliff jumping around Willow River, MN? I’m going up to Willow River, MN tomorrow afternoon and was wondering where some cliff jumping spots might be. I heard a little about Moose Lake or Kettle River, but can’t find much info. Or any places on the … Continued

by Eric Berger Question by Elle W: What kind of adventures can you do in Hurghada? I’m going to Hurghada next month and I’m really excited about it, been there last year and it was very relaxing but this time I want it to be a little more adventurous, what kind of adventures can you … Continued

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