I was taken for a mental health observation by the police,then when I was released I never went home I stayed at another guys house ,I am regretting it now do you think my boy friend will ever take me back or even talk to me again I still love him

Oh, i didnt know I got this extra space, so anyways, I only remember the video being about a man with rubberbands on his arm, walking on a mountain, putting feather in the bands, then jumping off the cliff and turning into an eagle, early 90’s or late 80’s

i went today and i didn’t know if i was suppose to be there

im looking for something thrilling to do that gives you that adrenaline rush, i love the feeling of falling. id like to something cheaper than sky diving though. living area: chino hills/ ontario california (near L.A.)

has anyone ever tried this before? Any tips would be great to help me accomplish this feat. I think if I pulled this off it would defeat any stunts David Blaine has EVER tried.

So i used to go to this place near new paltz called high falls but i hear people are getting arrested there now…what other places around dutchess county are there? i hear theres a place in beacon, ny…does anyone know?? help me please! they’re arresting people because it’s private property.

I am looking for quarries and cliffs jumps in New Hampshire. I kinda want the bigger stuff…30-90 feet. Let me know where they are and how safe they are and if you have done them before. Just tell me anywhere! I want to have some fun… I mean cliff jumps into water

Did anybody else pause and go frame by frame and see the movement/flow of the penis and balls flop in the wind until they hit the water?

Its not base-jumping– the sail is already open. I saw a man do this, and he explained everything. I just didn’t catch what it was called. He had to wait until his sail or parachute had enough wind in it. He and his buddy would run and jump from the cliff when they had enough … Continued

why don’t you join them?

not for suicide, for fun. We are taking a trip there late july. OREGON…..

I’ve been searching for the best places to go cliff jumping. I live in northern NJ but I’ll drive a decent way if anyone can recommend a nice place! I did find a place at Split Rock near my area and a REALLY nice quarry in Bangor, Pa but cops are beginning to become a … Continued

http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/summersvillecj/signatures.html Please sign it. After you sign it will ask for you to donate, but you have already signed.

So i want to try cliff jumping what’s the best way to find a place to do it? and is it legal?

need some tips on cliff diving. should i point my toes into the water body positioning etc

i am goin to zakynthos in 2 weeks and have done so much research on google earth and web.. i amnt have much luck an wonderin would anyone be able to help me im lookin for a big jump (20-60ft) anywhere on the island into deep and safe water.. also which is my major problem … Continued

i am goin to zakynthos in 2 weeks and have done so much research on google earth and web.. i amnt have much luck an wonderin would anyone be able to help me im lookin for a big jump (20-60ft) anywhere on the island into deep and safe water.. also which is my major problem … Continued

im looking for this one stick figure video where there was a part in the video where they play a part from the lion king and throw the baby off the cliff… lol yeahh does anyone no where i can find it?

Im making one and need some ideas

Looking for the best place to cliff jump on the cliff walk.

Knock the gay shytt off please. I’m not… No offense to gay people. I am overly attracted to beautiful women, and it raises too much guessing, and puts me too much on the spot. No more gay crap please, or I’ll give you thumbs down. : ) Thanks

I’ve been cliff jumping before and I’m pretty good at it and I don’t get hurt because I know how to land right. but I was just wondering how badly you can hurt yourself if you jump off something from 10-20 feet high and land wrong into the water.

I’m trying to find a cool place to go with my family tomorrow, someplace that has a waterhole or cliffs to jump off of into water. I live in LA and I’m looking for a place no more than an hour and a half away. If you know of any cool places (Where there is … Continued

When I jumped off a 70ft cliff, I felt my leg go out to the side when I hit the water. This was a few days ago and im still in a lot of pain in my hip and inner groin/thigh. It hurts most to rotate it or bend it at all. I can walk … Continued

I would like to know how fast you would be going at: 10ft jump = ?? Speed 20ft jump = ?? Speed 30ft jump = ?? Speed 40ft jump = ?? Speed 50ft jump = ?? Speed 60ft jump = ?? Speed 70ft jump = ?? Speed 80ft jump = ?? Speed 90ft jump = … Continued

I saw black rock and it looked small on the front, but there were some videos on youtube of people jumping off of it and it looked really high up and fun, where is this?!?! And also if you know of any fun areas that would be great, thanks!!!

even bridges in the middle of no where, old quarrys and such height of 10 feet or more

Hey i was wondering if anyone has a cabin on gun lake. i have a cabin near there and saw cliffs near the middle of the lake on one of the sides of the lake. can you jump off them?

I jumped off an approximately 10 meter high cliff today and my chest has hurt ever since. I feel a sharp pain when I breathe in deeply and if I try to lift something as heavy as a laptop, it hurts a lot. I think I landed in an almost sitting position, with my arms … Continued

i want to go cliff jumping around the Seattle area, and don’t know of any spots. bridges work too

Not even a big big jump.. just around 10 feet into safe waters. The day we will be able to do this is the same day we will be visiting Carlon falls of big oak road. The closer the better. Yes I am crazy 🙂

Sorry… My englis is not so good. Thanks you for translation. Yogi.. I still sober to see, vote for Maverickski is a flush in a toiletski. Yogi.. I still sober to see, vote for Maverickski is a flush in a toiletski.

want to know how you think.

I think I should because I am so damn ugly and I have stinky breath and I look like a god dang midgit. I look so ugly that I have to get an arranged marriage. My wife is beautiful. Should I kill myself ?? America hates me.

In the final Harry Potter trailer it shows Harry grab Voldemort and then jump off a cliff. I have not read the books in a while but I don’t remember that happening. Did that happen in the book? Also, in the final battle the book describes it as being in the middle of a group … Continued

what should i do? The cliff was only like 25 feet high and i landed weird only once and my head has hurt ever since.

So, my mom let me go cliff jumping when I was twelve, and almost let me last summer, but then I got sick. Now, I’ve been wanting to go cliff jumping in the same spot as the first time, but my mom is saying it’s a bad idea & not safe. I don’t get how … Continued

ok so i went to this place and they had cliff jumping in the pool it was fun i did it a couple of times…..and one of the times i did a spin off the cliff and landed in the pool badly and it realy hurt and now my leg is all bruised from the … Continued

Any info/ links would be great, thanks so much cabo chick your awesome!!!

Around New Hartford, CT, Torrington CT, or Winsted CT around new Hartford torrington or winsted ct and i mean into water deep water for fun

I’m going on vacation to cabins in Beach Lake PA, which is in Wayne County. I was wondering if there was any lakes or any mini-waterfalls near by where there is cliff jumping or bridge jumping. I don’t mean huge cliffs, just a fun day of swimming and jumping. I heard about Nay Aug Park … Continued

Have a laugh Rorschach, no one has earned much respect from me on here and I don’t try to gain respect from others. If I were looking for real answers, I sure wouldn’t be taking it from a screen name and an avatar…… Edit: I must admit that I fathered “Dr. McNinja” and “Boy wanting … Continued

where are some good cliff jumping spots in northern NJ?

Well for graduation I want to go cliff jumping with a couple of my friends the only place I know of is a place in belingham but that’s kinda far. Anyways I just wanted to know if anyone knew a place near kirkland that is free. Thank you

Me and some friends are going to go, but i don’t want to jump if its real dangerous. Any information?

Where in Cancun can I go cliff jumping? Do I get there by bus, taxi, car?? I am looking for a bus that will take me to a place that I can cliff dive/jump. Please help.

Tomorrow I’m going cliff jumping and i want to know what i am getting into. There’s a 20 foot jump and a 60 foot jump. I am not worried about the 20 foot as i have jumped off a 10-15 bridge. but the 60 foot jump i am quite nervous. What should i do? and … Continued

If that makes sense. I don’t want a badly filmed vacation in Jamaica. I want something … well, artistic, and filmed well (like a movie or something). I’m sure I’m not making sense, but that’s the only way I can put it. Thanks. (It’s for school)

Bc im not sure if she wud jump off in a dress or mayb bc of harrys funeral. btw is there an official preview not fanmade? if there is plz giv me the website. I cant w8 4 new moon to come out!!!

Just wondering, me and my friends jump from this cliff exactly 50ft high and I hear alot of wind going down so I’d really like to know how fast you get going down when you enter the lake

Anyone know of any spots to go cliff jumping in Connecticut(jumping off high things into water) ive heard of devils den but im not clear on where to go for that

It’s almost summer now and every year my friends and I go cliff jumping in the river. I just got my belly button pierced about 3 or 4 months ago and I’m a little skeptical as to whether I’ll be able to jump off the cliff. The cliff is about 30 ft (10 m) Do … Continued

Hi I just moved to Washington about a month ago and my boyfriend and I are planning things to do in the springs and summer before we have to go back to school. So Where are there some good places to go cliff jumping in this beautiful state?

I’m going cliff jumping into rivers with a bunch of neighbors and friends tomorrow. I want to try it, but my boyfriend’s telling me “it’s too dangerous” is it really? It’s a 45 ft jump, and the water’s 30 feet deep. I can swim, so, it’s not like i’m going to drown or anything. Has … Continued

Okay, VERY rANDoM. Do not try jumping off a cliff…. 😀

There is a new sport becoming popular over in europe. It’s like base jumping without a parachute. A net is set up about 50 feet down, and the premise is you step off the cliff and try to land in athe net. I have no plans to do it, right now, but am trying to … Continued

Songs like jump by van halen, and learning to fly by tom petty. Does any1 have any ideas

How much energy is in the system? How much energy would be in the system if she were on jupiter (g=25 m/s^2) how fast would she be traveling as she hits the water? how much kinetic energy is in the system as she hits the water? How much kinetic energy is in the system after … Continued

A heavy rock, I heard it breaks the water and when you drop it will hurt less. Is that true?

You have to choose one 🙂 Please also be specific why you choose to die that way.

The picture was going around the internet. It was with other crazy photos. I thought it was a gag photo but later heard that it was the real thing.

i am wondering where a 16 year old can skydive… i dont want to wait!!! I am in Maryland, but can travel. Also, are there any good cliff jumping spots around, I have been to a few in Maine, but dont know of any others. Thanks All by cliff jumping i mean “cliff diving”, and … Continued

Some of my friends and I want to go cliff jumping this summer. We live in the Chicago suburbs. Are there any locations in Illinois to do this? Or if not where is the closest place to go? Thanks!!! Points for best answer!

I want to know what the word is for that. What stops someone from harming others? Like rapists, what don’t they have that other people do? Why do others not rape people but those criminals do? In Bang Bang You’re Dead, Trevor threatened to bomb the school.. what stopped him from bombing the school?

Something to do with physics? This is just for the sake of knowledge.

I am going to Hawaii for a vacation and i’d really like to visit that point in Forgetting Sarah Marshall where Peter and Rachel jump in to the water. Peter calls it something that sounds like lie-ay-a point, but i’m not sure how to spell it or if that’s what it’s actually called. Does anybody … Continued

Not that this is something one should do.

we have a 12 and a half foot wall in out back yard and my 9 year old son keeps jumping off it. he got a sprained ankle from it before but thinks its “fun” he has nothing wrong with him mentaly.

Wales has some large cliffs, & some gorgeous waters…I was curious…if I were to jump off the cliffside into the water would I hurt myself? And this is allowed?

I LUV cliff diving…I love anything to do with being or falling in water! I luv the water….but everyone around me seems to hate it! the first time I went I was so scared and I was in pain afterward…but I went snaking from my mom cuz she didnt want me to go. but she … Continued

when bella went cliff diving in new moon did she hear edwards voice??? what did he say???

How long will a diver take to hit the water, starting at 0 velocity, and what speed will he reach (in MPH) from a 76 foot dive?

does anybody know where I can go cliff jumping in Southern California? Like specific directions to the destination.

Does anybody know of a movie where someone jumps off of a cliff and into the ocean. i know it a weird question but i need a movie with cliff diving for a special project…

So I go cliff jumping alot during the summer and since its practically summer now me and my friends were going to pretty soon. Whenever we jump we always take off our life jackets and throw them in the water, I dont really know why tho. I was thinking maybe it hurt when you hit … Continued

So on Saturday I’m supposed to go cliff diving with some friends. I’m excited because I love the adrenanline rush from things like that, but I’ve never dove any higher than 10ft so I’m a little nervous. They all go there quite often (at least twice a month when it’s warm enough) so I know … Continued

Hi there, 1 week into a 5 week road trip around canada, just got to calgary. We couldnt find anywhere to do cliff diving in the other provinces, does anyone know of anywhere we can do this? and any tips, other than be careful!!?

I’m going cliff jumping today, and I was wondering if I should wear shoes. I’ve researched it and am getting mixed results. Anyone who’s tried both, which ones better?

i want some good spots to check into. preferably as high/safe as possible. any pictures and or websites would be much appreciated

I’m looking for a clip of a teenage girl or young woman jumping off a cliff (not the freaky black and white ring video lady! LOL) but I can’t think of any movie or tv show scenes that will work right – anyone have any suggestions that might work? thanks 😉

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