Local photographers share favorite Arkansas spots
… and, one of my favorites, Indian Creek. If you are not a huge hiker don't write off Kyle's Landing yet, there are many other activities to do such as canoeing, swimming, cliff jumping (at your own risk), fishing, and of course a grand place to camp …
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Lone Survivor
This is especially true during two sequences where the SEALs must evade bullets by jumping off cliffs. These plummets feature stuntmen crashing into rocks and trees with a ferocity that looks positively deadly. Berg injects edits of the actual actors …
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Ashley's showing a Bermuda you may not know
The cliff jumping into the lagoon was exhilarating while the floating in the cool dark cave amid stalactites and stalagmites was Zen-like in its atmosphere. Snorkelling right in the middle of brilliant tropical fish really brought a sense of connection …
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