Question by salty: Are there any good lakes to go cliff jumping/diving at in Texas?
Hey guys, recently I went camping with my scout troop at Inks Lake near Austin, TX and we got the chance to go cliff diving at the Devil’s Waterhole there. It was loads of fun and I was thinking if there were other lakes or places around Texas that would be fun to go cliff diving or jumping at.

Does any know of any good lakes/parks where my scout troop and I can go cliff jumping and also camping there?

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Answer by MandyJusDandy
DUDE SERIOUSLY, i used to live in abilene, but i want to mvoe to san marcos soooo bad WHICH is really close to austin obviously,

and we would drive to Brownwood lake, its a GREAT lake, seroiusly its my favorite, i’ve been there about 10 times on my dad’s boat and its got camping, and i got a great tan.

soo go to BROWNWOOD LAKE. its the best lake, lso theres a lake called LAKE TRAVIS that i go to a lot, either of those lakes would be PERFECT, seriusly

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