Extreme Danger, but Who Cares?
Extreme Cliff
Image by William Bereza
Cliffs of Moher. The Samaritans signs is an interesting touch. They run the suicide prevention hotline in Ireland.

Colorado man among two mountaineers killed on Argentina climb
They shared a taste for extreme adventure and for the next 23 years they often traveled together to the Alps, Mount Danali or the Andes in South America. Eric Nourse, 41, had a Greeley … "It was basically a sheer cliff," he said. The decision slowed …
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Marco Rubio and Rand Paul both vote against Fiscal Cliff deal because they
Washington, D.C. – Few, even the most ardent of hawks, would argue that the current finagling over the Fiscal Cliff is, at least in part, due to politics. While certainly the Democrats and Republicans have ideological differences when it comes to the …
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Why 2013 May Be Another 1973 for Stocks
That trend was taken to an extreme in this cycle with all manner of potentially negative tax and spending measures postponed until they all came to a head at the same time, resulting in the so-called "fiscal cliff." Of course, this year could end up …
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