Land’s End Cliff
Extreme Cliff
Image by Duda Arraes
Located in the extreme westerly point of mainland England, the Land’s End is one of the many wonderful places in Cornwall.

@ Land’s End, England, United Kingdom, Europe.

Guest Voz: Texas — prime example of a state government failing its people and
A budget hawk in D.C., in Austin, Perry took more Obama stimulus money than any Governor in the U.S. Meanwhile, in Austin, Perry created his own, annual fiscal cliff with structural budget deficits each and every year. In 2005 Perry, Tom Craddick …
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Cliff Richard has announced the release of his 100th album
Sir Cliff said of the recording the album: "It was like being back in the 50s with The Shadows in Studio 2 at Abbey Road – only it wasn't The Shadows, and it wasn't Studio 2 and it wasn't the 50s." He added: "This was my chance to pay tribute not only …
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Pit bulls: Are they dangerous?
Pit bulls — known for their extreme loyalty toward their owners — are also synonymous with unpredictable aggression and violence. Most recently, dogs that have been labeled as pit bulls have shown the latter characteristics — two attacks have sent …
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