Check out these cliff diving images:

cliff diving
Image by LDELD
Pained expression after jumping off the cliff at Ka Lea

wingsuit base jumping on Vimeo by Ali
cliff diving
Image by Son of Groucho
1st song: Contact – Violence
2nd: Diz Organ & Sackcloth Fashion – Under Man
no green/blue screen in this video
?Matchstick Productions

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by Ali.

Boulder City
cliff diving
Image by Travis S.
Boulder City is just down from this spot on the rocks. Before the dive we were getting pretty near these rocks, and with all that surge, we thought it better to move a bit further away.

There’s a drip line falling into the water in the shaded portion of the rock. I’m not quite sure where the water is coming from. It’s seeping through from somewhere.

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