Question by stout1128: Is there any goo places to swim/clif jump , rope swing or anything like that in Maryland?
I live around harford county md, I’m looking for any place that I can go to cliff jump or swim? Quarrys, rivers anything?

Something that’s less then an hour away but if its a really good spot id be willing to drive farther.

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Answer by Cat Stache
Please do not swim anywhere that doesn’t have a lifeguard on duty. I had a friend drown to death by underestimating the water in a river. The current pulled her under and there was nothing anyone could do to help her. Also, lots of rivers, lakes, and quarries are not safe to swim in due to pollution. Parasites and bacteria can give you a bad case of Swimmer’s Itch. Cliff diving can lead to drowning, broken bones, and can paralyze you.

Many water parks have plenty of rope swings and slides and that would be a safer and better alternative.

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