Justin Bieber's Bodyguard Gets Busted For Allegedly Beating Up A Paparazzi!
The pesky pap was hiding behind some cliffs on the island of Kauai on Wednesday to get some up-close-and-personal snaps of JB and his crew cliff jumping on Shipwreck's Beach — that is until tough guy Dwayne Patterson spotted him! Justin's muscle …
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Vic Falls Miracle!
The fire brigade officers worked together with State Police and Bundu Adventure, a company which conducts bungee jumping activities at the bridge, to rescue the Chinese national. "From what they saw, the victim sustained some bruises and he was rushed …
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'The Mentalist' finally catches up with Red John
So, to me, that was just jumping off a cliff, really, and jumping off a cliff to the point where he got what he's wanted for so long. He's got Red John within his grasp, literally. He doesn't take a moment to hesitate. But when he's on top of him, it's …
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