Strategies for Success in New Media: Key takeaways from NMX 2013
Red Bull hosted a cliff-diving competition, Coca-Cola launched its Coca-Cola Journey website, covering everything from women's rights to small business owners in Kenya, and Old Spice engages its Facebook Fans with its wildly successful “Believe in your …
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At the open: RIM shares suddenly dive amid BlackBerry 10 unveiling
Meanwhile, Superstorm Sandy in late October curbed construction and other activity during the quarter and uncertainty over the so-called fiscal cliff may have also temporarily curtailed consumer demand for goods and services. Markets also took heart in …
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Cliff Bleszinski doesn't want to dive into running his own large-scale studio
Former Epic Games developer Cliff Bleszinski revealed in an in-depth interview with VentureBeat that he would like to get back to developing AAA games eventually, but starting his own large studio now is "the last thing I would want to do." Speaking to …
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