Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 2013
Cliff Dive
Image by weeklydig
Kris Kolanus of Poland for the Red Bull Cliff Diving Team. Photo by Maria Uminski

Can sea life adapt to souring oceans?
Steele, a scuba diver, had made his living since the 1970s scooping the spiny delicacies off the seafloor to sell to sushi restaurants as uni. But when he read a research paper about acidification, he saw right away what it could mean for his business …
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Col. Kurtz meets Outward Bound
After being awarded a Bronze Star in Korea, he got a master's degree from Georgetown University and joined the Special Forces, where he learned how to parachute at high altitudes, ski above the tree line and dive to the oceans' depths. He served on the …
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Why PAREXEL Was The Short Trade Of The Day
As Health Care falls out of favor, PAREXEL whiffed on its Q1 earnings announcement, was subsequently downgraded, and is now poised to take a cliff-dive down to $ 40 as the technical picture disintegrates below micro-term support at $ 45. Short PAREXEL at …
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