The road to Cicely
Bungee jumping has no appeal, or cliff diving. It might have been nice to sail around the world for a year, but I don't have a boat. Marathons look painful. I've already written some books. I did buy a new car, but it's not a convertible and mostly my …
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Trekking across the Victoria Falls
Amidst continuous showers and shrouded mist, we moved all along the cliff avoiding jagged rocks towards a steel bridge. To my amazement, I saw two people bungee jumping over the steep, narrow incline and diving towards frothy white waters. The Victoria …
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Bridgetown, Barbados
Adrenaline is a renewable resource on Barbados, a hiking-caving-diving-surfing-fishing-four-wheeling paradise. For a fast-forward overview of the lush … It's perched on a limestone cliff above a perfect white sand beach. Buy a day pass and indulge …
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