UK Track & Field Opens Outdoor Facility In Style
He also placed second in the long jump and had a 1.88M / 6'2" high jump. … Other shoe drive drop-off locations include the Johnson Recreation Center, Shively Sports Center (adjacent to Cliff Hagan Stadium) and CATS (attached to Memorial Coliseum).
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Southwest Adventures with Rattlesnakes
He said, “Shoot—more than likely you'll be so startled by the snake's strike you'll instinctively jump back off the cliff ledge and fall to your death before the venom has a chance to work.” Fortunately, the weather was changing. The wind picked up …

Reinhart/Rogoff-gate isn't the first time austerians have used bad data
In 2010, people ranging from David Brooks to Bill Clinton argued that the jump in job openings, as calculated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, was reason to worry that there were no more short-term solutions. The numbers turned out to be incorrect …
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