Star Trek: Into Darkness (Paramount Pictures, PG-13) – PLAYBACK:stl
If you've seen the trailer, you will have seen two separate scenes of characters jumping from very high altitudes. I guess that's appropriate, because in the last 20 minutes, the movie itself completely jumps off a cliff. It kills me that I can't tell …
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Video – 'The Kings of Summer' Stars Moises Arias, Nick Robinson And Gabriel
'We started just banging on the pipe and then it kinda evolved to me jumping on top of the pipe and. just doing tribal screams and dances.. It turned into the backbone of the story', he says. Nick, on the other hand, most enjoyed the 'cliff-jumping …

Father killed his children before jumping off cliff, coroner rules
A father killed his three young children in a remote quarry before jumping to his death from a cliff after a crisis in his marriage, a coroner has ruled. Ceri Fuller attacked Samuel, 12, Rebecca, eight, and Charlotte, seven, with a hunting knife and …
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