Extreme Strimming
Extreme Cliff
Image by Auntie P
I don’t know if this bush was at the end of this bloke’s garden or something (maybe a Ventnor local can illuminate me) but he didn’t seem to mind that he was atop a sheer drop.

Are these the 10 best attractions in Europe?
Due to the extreme average age of Orvieto's' withered inhabitants (everybody is really, really old) there are a number of random emergency defibulators (like phone booths) situated all over the village. Some would say that they're only necessary due to …
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Speech – Autumn Forecast: Gradual recovery, external risks
First, while growth in the US is expected to accelerate over the forecast horizon, with the elevated level of public debt at 105% of GDP, navigating around the next fiscal cliff in February 2014 will require very decisive action by US policymakers to …
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Only way to see "The High Capes" is from the water
Submit. "Are "The High Capes" a sheer cliff from sea to summit? … I could not say for sure, but it was close enough that we were sitting back, way back, in the lawn chairs that we had brought on board, and our necks were also tilted back at an …
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