Van Hollen: Boehner "Has Turned the Keys…Over to the Tea Party Caucus"
(Last week, Boehner, unable to line up enough GOP support, was forced to pull his so-called Plan B proposal to avert the fiscal cliff.) Boehner "has turned the keys to the car over to the tea party caucus…to the most extreme members of the House …
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Editorial: Problem bigger than fiscal cliff
According to secondhand accounts of closed-door negotiations over the fiscal cliff, the president reminded the speaker of the House there had just been an election, which he won. … It should be clear by now the extreme position on the right is no new …
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Jordan holds out against tax increase
Mr. Jordan repeated his call to the Senate to pass the proposed Averting the Fiscal Cliff Act, which he called “a truly balanced approach” that cuts spending and prevents tax increases on income, savings, and investment. He said the plan is based on …
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