A few nice cliff diving images I found:

The Pit – Profundo – Cenote
cliff diving
Image by Serge Melki
This is the entrance to the Pit Cenote. THE BEST EVER. you have to jump a 25ft cliff in the water and the equipment is roped down. you can still come down from the other side, but why? this is more fun
going to the pit, we drive another 2Km after dos ojos in a very very rough road.

The pit is a 140feet dive where you go from fresh water to sulfide cloud to halocline. saw bones, potery and human skull

If you go to Akumal for Diving, use the Akumal Dive Shop.
Best people I dove with. Nice, courteous, generous and fun.

Past Glory
cliff diving
Image by failing_angel
The empty shell of the Cliftonville Lido.

The Lido was built in 1926 at the direction of John Henry Iles (creator of Margate’s Dreamland). The Lido was built on the site of the Clifton Baths (built 1824-28).

The lido was a semi-circular shaped pool constructed of concrete which held 1000 bathers and
could be emptied and filled every day with the ebb and flow of the tide. At the landward end it had an amphitheatre for 3000 people and adjoining promenades and cafes. It had slides, diving boards and moored floats. The changing rooms, comprising lockers and timber changing cubicles, were located under the promenade and tiered seating of the open air swimming pool.The Cliff Bar was erected beside the sun terrace and the interior scheme was often re-decorated. The Cliff Cafe, which could seat 1000 people with entertainment provided by orchestras on a circular stage, was erected underneath the the Cliff Bar and much of the Sun Terrace. The Cafe Normandie was a large cafe where dances were held, destoyed by a great storm in 1953 and replaced by the Echoes Nightclub. The French Bar, in existence by 1933, was damaged by fire in 1953 and is now a small bar at the east end of Echoes Nightclub. In it is a painted timber doorway blocking the lower end of the earlier Clifton Baths bathing machine tunnel and next to this part of the flint retaining wall of the Clifton Baths Bathers Terrace. The Jolly Tar Tavern, to the south of the Cafe Normandie used the blocked up mouth of the Clifton Baths lower reservoir as an arched alcove behind the bar. Under the Cafe Normandie was constructed the Cafe Basque by 1929 which had plaster scenery. Currently this is inundated at high tide. On the upper terrace, the south range, west of the boiler house had 50 private bathrooms providing ozonised sea or fresh water treatments. By 1929 hair dressing salons had been erected at the west end of the range, currently in use as a snooker club.

In 1938 the Clifton Baths were renamed the Cliftonville Lido. After the Second World War, circa 1948, the private bathrooms in the south range of the lido were closed and replaced by an aquarium and mini-zoo, a billiard hall and by 1949 a puppet theatre. During the storm of 1953 the open air swimming pool was damaged and the Cafe Normandie wrecked and replaced by the Golden Garter saloon, used for a Wild West type show. By 1962 a nightclub called the Cavern Disco had been established in the dome. By circa 1965 the Cliff Bar was re-decorated with a Caribbean theme and renamed the Jamaica Bar. Circa 1971 the Cavern Disco was renamed the Hades discotheque. In the late 1970s the Echoes Nitespot replaced the Golden Garter Saloon. A turf accountants was built by 1974 above the bar at the west end of the south range. The open air pool closed in 1977-8 and was filled in with sand.
[English Heritage report]

Maui Favorites Mosaic
cliff diving
Image by webnelly
1. Black Rock – Colorized,
2. Black Rock Cliff Dive at Sunset,
3. Black Rock at Night,
4. Black Rock at Sunset,
5. Sheraton Maui Resort,
6. Entertainment on the Sunset Cruise,
7. Galaxies and Stars above Ka’anapali Beach,
8. Ka’anapali at Night,
9. Kapalua Beach,
10. Moloka’i from Maui,
11. Palm Trees and Blue Skies,
12. Pools of ‘Ohe’o,
13. Wailua Falls,
14. Sheraton Maui Behind Black Rock,
15. Waves at the Beach,
16. Sunset from cocktail cruise,
17. Cool Drinks in Lahaina,
18. Whale Tail,
19. Whale Party,
20. Wailua Falls,
21. Black Rock with Moon,
22. Sun behind Black Rock,
23. Ka’anapali Beach,
24. Inside the Lava Tube

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