Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series Boston 2013
Cliff Dive
Image by weeklydig
Andy Jones and Kent De Mond playfully go head to head during the Red Bull Cliff Diving event. Photo by Maria Uminski

October Unemployment Report Shows Almost a Million Drop Out of Labor Force
While the month to month household survey figures vary greatly as a general rule, there is no government shutdown effect to explain away the monthly cliff dive of people no longer counted as part of the labor force this month. This article overviews …
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3 Biotechs on the Move This Week
As I pointed out earlier, Immunomedics started this cliff dive after the termination of a licensing deal with Takeda Pharmaceutical last month. And it seems like good news doesn't even matter anymore. Last Tuesday, Immunomedics released a fairly …
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The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy's Schemers Dreamers & Volunteer
3. Don't jump off a cliff your first time out. Do not try to run the committee if you are a newbie. Join a couple of committees doing minor jobs, while checking out the attitudes and behaviors of other members for future references. 4. Before you do …
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