Question by Hannah J: Can someone hack my computer and get information from omegle?
My friend and I are only 13 and our other friend told us to go on omegle because it’s a fun site, so we did. Before we went on omegle, we watched a video on youtube of people jumping off cliffs into water. When we went on omegle we went on the video chat. We were talking to this creepy guy and he said “have fun watching your cliff diving videos” and then he made a very creepy face and then he left. We are so scared…did he hack the computer? Does he have our information? HELP US PLEASE!

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Answer by John
It’s possible. If your password isn’t something secure like “9948gnJJIl4#if*”, then it’s very possible. I hope you didn’t respond to him or click on any links he may have sent you.

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