Question by Hperez: How do I get to Fawns leap from the city? and are you allowed to camp there?
I’m looking for a cliff jumping spot in NYS where camping is allowed. I heard about Fawns leap but not sure if they let you camp there.

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Answer by Dean D
check out for directions to many places to cliff jump all over the US. It has Fawn’s Leap on there and platts cove which is about 10-15 mins from fawns leap. I go to both places VERY often. Its very easy to get to.. Go up 87 until exit 19 Saugerties, go left after tolls and go into right lane going up 32. Follow that for about 8 mins aprox until you get to a Y and go left onto 32a. Go to the light and take a left onto 23a and follow that up into the mountain, after the 2nd bridge there will be a small pull off on the right side. You’re there. Any other questions you can email me at [email protected]

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