Question by : Swimming cliff jumping around the Denver Boulder area?
I have recently moved to the Denver area and I am looking for some good swimming holes within an hour or so driving. I just came from northern New Jersey and the only thing i can say I miss about it there was the swimming holes and cliffjumping spots, thats it. If there is and cliff jumping spots somewhere in ther area that would be a plus. Any directions would be very appreciated.

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Answer by Jarod
For close to Denver you will have to go to work at Casa Bonita as a cliff-diver. 🙂 JK but, if you haven’t heard of the place, they charge you just to come in or you pay before you eat, because you would never pay for just the food…

Seriously, the best in the state is the Devil’s Punch Bowl, but it is out near Aspen and is located right off of Highway 82. It is on the Roaring Fork River. ( 39.119398,-106.708853 ) Approx 7 miles east of Aspen, some parking on the highway. This website is fun to pan around on.

Aspen is far away, about 200 miles from Denver, and is not cheap. Also, the water can feel about ten degrees above being solid. But you have got to check it out when you have the time, it is well worth the trip. I think this YouTube is the same place.

Most of the water in the Denver area is in reservoirs, so not gonna get much there. Many of the state parks have these “no cliff jumping” rules

Tubing on Boulder Creek is a blast. Wear old tennies. You can buy and fill old inner tubes at some of the local gas stations. There is also a place to rent them. Don’t know of any jumping spots though, not that deep. Also, we are talking cold again. Something to expect from snow runoff, I guess.

You think the would be more in the mountains, but the streams are just getting started, so are kind of shallow.

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