Question by kelsey: What’s a good place to vacation (in the USA) with lots of things to do?
My little brother, my dad, and i are going on vacation soon. And i wanted to go somewhere that had waterfalls, cliff diving, hiking, and i really wanted to go to a rain forest tour. But we live in Pennsylvania, and my dad doesn’t want to drive to far. Is there any suggestions on where to go?
Thank You (in advance) 🙂

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Answer by Hannah
That sounds really cool!
I think that Hawaii is really cool. Kauai. I went there last summer with my family, and you could stay at the Grand Hyatt. (I heard its great! It has a waterslide, cove, and AMAZING frozen yogurt.) Once with my family, we went on a Kayak ride to an area where we had to hike to a waterfall! Then we got to swim in it! Its very beautiful. And you could go on an airplane.

If you don’t want to drive very far, you could go to New York and see Niagra falls. Some people go on a boat ride around it. Also Canada is close with lots more waterfalls.

Have Fun and GBY!!!

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