'Rebel Without a Cause'
… the emotional minefield of Dean's family defined and re-defined within the frame, Dean splayed in torment across the length of the frame on his red couch, Natalie Wood jumping up and down as she gives the signal for the cars to start racing toward …
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BASE-jumping for thrills
For the jumpers, the tough part isn't about jumping off a cliff or how high the place you're jumping from is, it's all about the landing. If one “over stirs” the air while on the way down, they may be headed for trees, shrubs … or worse, back to the …
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Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Season 3, Episode 6 — Ariel Saves Snow
Unfortunately, the end of her path is at the edge of a cliff. “You're a long way from home Snow White. Did you … As they say they're there to take her back, she says, “not gonna happen” before jumping into the sea! It's a long way up, and as soon as …
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