Upcoming Snow Potential & The Polar Express
No worries today, but a wintry mix slushes up a few roads Monday but freeways stay wet. This week's storm is tracking farther north, pulling enough warm air into Minnesota for midweek rain. And then we swan-dive off a temperature cliff Thursday: single …
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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Review
Pirates also aren't typically known for being able to scale a vertical cliff with their bare hands. Most of them don't even have hands – and in Black Flag, your boat doesn't even have a plank! What sort …. Seemingly not being sure what to do as they …
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17 College Sports Fans Get Their Hearts Broken in Real Time
Cliff Alexander is a high school senior from Chicago. Despite his age, he stands at an extremely powerful 6 feet, 8 inches … 16. High Dive Fail. The announcer here sums it up perfectly. She calls this attempt from the 1992 Olympics "an absolute …
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