From Rt. 17 turn on Poplar Rd. (there is only one way to turn). Go 1.4 miles and turn right on Kellogg Mill Rd. Take Kellogg Mill for about 2.5 miles, right when you see the lake there will be a gravel road on your left that goes down to a parking lot. It’s the last turn before you cross the bridge so if you cross the bridge you just missed it. Turn around and it’s the first right once you cross the bridge. From the parking lot it’s about 3/4 of a mile to the cliffs. This is a popular kayaking spot so the lot is usually pretty full. If you have a boat it’s a nice paddle to the cliffs. Go under the bridge and from there you can’t miss the cliffs. if you don’t have a boat walk back to the road and across the bridge. Once you cross the bridge there will be a bunch of no parking signs on the right side of the road. The trail to the cliffs goes into the woods here and takes you straight to the smaller jump. From there it’s a short swim to the larger jump or the trail continues to that one as well. There are some smaller rocks, around 10 ft. between the two cliffs that you can jump as well. People call the two cliffs 35 and 65 feet although I think the larger jump is only 55- 60 ft. There is also a rope swing just past the larger jump. Someone cut it pretty high so it takes some work to get it. This is a reservoir so technically there is no swimming allowed but it’s not enforced. This is a very popular site and there are usually a bunch of people there. It’s also a very pretty spot when it’s not trashed so try to keep it clean!

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