From Peach Bottom Marina in Peach Bottom PA. You want to follow Slate Hill Rd. until you see the intersection with Bald eagle road. If you have come from the Marina the turn will be a sharp left to get onto Bald Eagle Rd. If you have come from the other direction of Slate Hill there is a fork and you want to go right for Bald Eagle Rd. Follow Bald Eagle until it turns into Benton Hollow Rd. Once you see the intersection you want to make a sharp left to stay on Bald Eagle Rd. Don’t go onto Benton Hollow. This is the fork I originally talked about, this takes you down the hill to where you can park safely. Its a big dip in Bald Eagle Road with a little gate on the left and a creek. Park and take the trail, which is completely legal this is a state park or something. Follow this dirt trail all the way to the train tracks it is about a 20 min walk if you are slow. Once you are at the train tracks go left and you will see the houses I think about 3 of them on your left. Just follow till you see a cut out on your right hand side right up past the houses. Very easy to see where the rock is and you may here or see other people there jumping.

Peach Bottom is about 30ft high and the water is definitely deep enough. Look before you jump though as there is sometimes floating debris. If you’re climbing back up the rock face there is a 12-15ft jump on the side. The best way to get out is to swim around and climb back the way you originally climbed up. The view is great and if you’re up to it another great cliff jump (Conowingo aka Wildcat point) sits along the same river not too far away. No cops ever come and the people at the houses are friendly so there is nothing to worry about.

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156-398 Bouganville Rd, Linden, PA 17744, USA
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156-398 Bouganville Road
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