Big Bend National Park Directions: Enter Big Bend National Park in Texas from I385. You have to drive all the way down till you reach Panther Junction Visitor Center. Make a left heading towards the Rio Grande Village (SE of the Park).Before you get to the village, (Which is only one store and two gas pumps at an interestion) you should take a left towards Ernst Tinaja. If you reach the village, turn around and head back. It should be 1-2 miles before the Village. This is a four-wheel-drive/high clearence road, so you will need a jeep of some sort.You will continue down that road a few miles, passing the Candelilla Camp site early during the drive. You will continue until you see the Ernst Tinaja sign and turn right onto that dirt road. You will go towards Ernst Tinaja Campsite #1. You may pass campsite # 2 before you reach the the 1st site. I dont remember exactly. Anyway, you will pass the Campsite #1 and continue straight until you reach a sign for the spring and a small parking lot big enough for a few cars and a turn around. Just follow that path straight for less than a mile and you are there. Its in the middle of the desert and beautiful! We jumped fromt he left side as you approach, and we also used the slick rock straight ahead as a slip and slide to ride down. You do need a bottle to take water from the Tinaja to make the surface slick. If you have any problems finding the spot ask the person at the store in the Rio Grande Village, everyone there was really helpful and wil tell you right where to go to find the spring.

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Big Bend National Park
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Big Bend National Park Big Bend National Park TX

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