From the Reading regional airport (pennsylvania), take rt. 183 north, and turn onto old church road about 10-15 minutes away from airport. Follow old church road, and take your first left onto lake road. Follow lake road until it ends. You'll have to walk a little bit. Walk past the yellow guard rail and follow the small road. You'll walk by a very creepy (possibly haunted) house, and you'll be going down towards the lake. The road ends right at the edge of the lake, and to your right will be a dirt path. Follow the path up the hill and at the end of the path will be the cliff. Look to your left from the end of the cliff and you will see the jump points. There is a tree swing (60 ft), but I have never seen anyone jump from it (might be good to check water depth at the landing zone) further to the left is the best jump point, you can't miss it, the cliff is 25-30 ft high, and the water is deep enough to jump or flip off of (diving not recommended). DO NOT JUMP DURING A DROUGHT. (right after you turn off 183 onto old church road, you'll go over a bridge that is good and very safe to jump off of, just don't let any park rangers see you.) again, DO NOT JUMP DURING A DROUGHT. the lake is called blue marsh lake

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Blue Marsh Lake, PA United States
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Blue Marsh Lake
Blue Marsh Lake
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