Don’t go there. I got arrested last week. Its a misdemeanor and its expensive. And now the homeowners on the hill are trying to press charges!
If you are heading SOUTH on the I-5 take POINSETTIA LANE exit toward AVIARA PKWY. (0.2 miles): Turn LEFT onto POINSETTIA LN. (1.0 miles): Turn RIGHT onto AVIARA PKWY. (2.1 miles): AVIARA PKWY becomes ALGA RD. (1.9 miles): Turn RIGHT onto EL FUERTE ST. drive up the hill (about 0.3 miles) until you reach La Costa Meadows Elementary School, you can park anywhere on the gravel on the left side of El Fuerte St. near the gate on the left. Hike along the dirt trail behind the gate to the first split and take a right, follow the trail all the way to the electric tower. Continue to follow the trail to the left down the hill and proceeding up a small steeper hill towards another electric tower. Before the trail bends to the left up toward the second tower follow the path off to the right of the main trail next to the conservation area sign toward the edge of the canyon which is about 300 feet from the main trail. It starts to go down steep into box canyon, be careful here, it is very dangerous. Follow these instructions carefully; there are not many people who visit the canyon to ask for directions. I recommend wearing pants because the trail can be over grown with brush. Please respect our canyon and take whatever trash you bring in back out with you and do not graffiti the walls of the canyon with markers/spray-paint. BE SURE TO STAY QUIET the people who live in the apartments just above the south side of the canyon are notorious for calling the police. We have been asked to leave on several occasions; luckily if you come from the north side of the canyon the police have a difficult time catching you and won’t bother chasing you as long as you leave ;). Box Canyon has jumps ranging from about 5ft to about 65ft of varying difficulty.

This pic courtesy of John Casale
This pic is an ariel off the 60 ft. The jump was easy, the camera man deserves a lot of credit. Timing is everything! Check out the 3 spectators. My girlfriend and two other friends. They add a lot of character to this shot.

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