(From Cambridge) exit interstate 77 head east on state route 40 drive about 3 miles turn right onto state route 265 drive about 1/2 mile turn right onto Reservoir road drive about a mile to 1 1/2 mile you’ll see a “no parking” sign on the right, don’t park there, $100 ticket, drive another 1/4 to 1/2 mile turn left to park on the old rail road tracks, walk back to the no parking sign to the right will be a dirt trail into the woods, follow the trail to find the first site which is 2 rope swings.

4 different jumps 2 different rope swings the rope swing on the right is better. (you need a long stick use the tree & ropes tied to trees & roots to repel to a lager tree & get the rope with the stick. follow the trail to a jump called “the root jump” run the small trail & jump out about 6 to 8 feet, DON’T TRIP, or follow the trail to 3 other jumps.

4 different jump sites & 2 rope swings. The first you come to is two different rope swings, for the better rope on the right, find a long stick, use the small tree & the rope tied to it to repel down the hill to the larger tree, use the long stick to “fish” the rope back to you, climb back up the hill to the tree to you’re right, the rope swing on the left isn’t very good. the second site is the “root” jump as we call it, run the small trail & jump out about 6 to 8 feet to get to the water, but DON’T TRIP. the third site has three different jumps one atop a little knob on the right, a middle jump you jump sort of to the right, & a third you run & jump out clearing bushes under the small cliff, Coal (cool) Ridge is a great place for beginners, & to chill, fish & just swim, but please don’t trash it, it’s been an area hang out for MANY people for at least 20 years, it already looks bad enough!”

jump 12-15 feet

rope swing about 15-18 feet

Jump Stats

No Brainer


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