There are two quarries in Concord, New Hampshire I'd like to tell everyone about.

DIRECTIONS FROM BOSTON. In terms of the driving portion, the Concord, New Hampshire quarries are very easy to get to. From Boston, get onto I-93 North and drive approximately 70 miles (I think it's about 67, but don't quote me on that). Get off I-93 at Exit 14 towards State Offices/Rt. 9/Louden Rd. Take a right onto Rt. 202/US-3 and follow it North through a few sets of lights. Eventually you will see a big, old fashioned cemetery with huge gates called Calvary Cemetery. Drive into the cemetery and drive all the way to the back. There will be two small dirt lots, park in the further back one. Right off this lot there will be a somewhat hidden path. It's tough to see if you're not looking, but it's there. Follow that in and it will open to a wide path/road. Turn left onto that/head up hill. I can't give exact directions, but there are two quarries here. One of which is closer, and smaller. Only about five minutes of walking from the dirt lot. Stay to the right and you will eventually see it. There are about three jumps here, one is only about 6 or 7 ft. The other two are about 20 ft, give or take. The larger quarry, however, is further back. FROM THE FIRST QUARRY it is about a fifteen to twenty minute walk, so don't be discouraged. Follow the trail past the first quarry onto the grassy trail under the power lines. Stay to the right and head back into the woods. All I can really tell you from here is to stay to the right for the most part. DO NOT TAKE ANY RIGHT TURNS. There will be many forks, and stay to the right on each. Do not take any right turns, only merge right at forks. You might get a little lost, and it's going to be trial and error, but it's not tough to find. And it's even easier to find once you try a second time.

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Concord Granite Quarries Concord, NH United States
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Concord Granite Quarries
New Hampshire
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Concord Concord NH Concord Cliff Diving in New Hampshire Jumping at Concord Concord NH

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