The jumps here range from 28 feet all the way up to 60. Behind this photo there is a tree that very few have jumped off of that make it around 75 feet. To get here, you take route 1 south from Kennett Square, PA. Ride on route 1 for about 10 minutes and it turns into 591. Take a right on Connelly rd(after turning onto Connelly Rd, it turns into old mill road and that’s when you cross into Maryland). Go about mile and half and you come to an intersection that crosses 222. Continue straight and you come to a 3
way intersection and go straight on Cooks landing Rd. Continue on the road straight until it comes to a dead end. Be sure to lock your doors because there have been incidents of people stealing. walk left along the train tracks and right before you enter a tunnel take a right on a path. follow the path and you will end up right around where i’m jumping off of. The body of water is the Susquehanna River!

Jump Stats

Little Squirrely


Nearest Address
9 Conowingo Rd, Conowingo, MD 21918, USA
street address
9 Conowingo Road
United States

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