Take CA-55 S toward NEWPORT BEACH. 8.6 miles Merge onto CA-73 S toward SAN DIEGO VIA TOLL RD. 2.8 miles Merge onto MACARTHUR BLVD toward NEWPORT BEACH. 3.1 miles Turn LEFT onto E COAST HWY/CA-1. 1.0 miles Turn RIGHT onto ORCHID AVE. Once you get in the general area find parking anywhere, most often we end up parking on some residential street, in the off-season it is not too busy. There will be a big windy hill that leads don to a sandy beach. You have to then walk about 1/2 mile south along the rocks to get to this specific point. There are alot of possible jumping areas but this is the easiest, safest and most accesible. There is usually a secure rope to climb up if it hasn't been cut, otherwise free-climbing it isn't too hard. Jumping off the south portion of the rock seems to be the best, the water is plenty deep.

This updated posted 8-13-11
I think it's important to clarify some things: shoes are important for this site (lots of unfriendly rocks), tide is important for timing (arrving at low tide and leaving after may separate you from your exit point. The walk down the beach to the jumps site is a nice walk, but laden with crops of rocks and tidal pools (shoes are recommended not sandals), and the beach is the only path to take (since it is along a cliff and the only entry points are residential which are restricted to pedestrians, the good set in point is a block or two south of orchid ave or where orchid ave meets the ocean is fine.

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Orchid Ave Corona Del Mar, CA United States
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Orchid Ave
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