From Blue Ridge Parkway – South on Hwy 215 for 6.5mi, after a bridge turn left onto FR140 (gravel). From Hwy 64 head north on Hwy 215 for 10.2mi then turn right onto FR140. Drive up the gravel road for ~3mi – after 3-4 bridges not sure, but you'll pass a campground sign and go up hill and after you begin going downhill park on the right after the first bridge you see (over Courthouse Creek). There will be a trail, follow it down to the waterfall (crossing over various bridges/stairs). When looking at the fall, to the right you'll see a rocky face and further down several enormous rocks. Walk over these rocks to the slope face, you'll see a worn path going straight up the face. You'll have to use branches/roots to climb up as its super steep. Follow the path and stay high as you're going over and above that rock face (note: the trail isn't well worn you'll have to climb through underbrush and over/under trees). Keep going up and to your left you'll see a ledge with an opening, cautiously look over this ledge if you want, this cliff is probably around/over 60ft and has a sketchy drop in (through trees, can't stand well, must clear 5-10ft out; its ~20ft above the vid/pic spot). I've done 70 footers but I passed on this one. Keep on going, walking up and over a small hill and drop down on your left about 20ft from the previous ledge. Use roots/branches to lower yourself as it is steep. Now you are above the falls. Facing the fall, traverse on your left to an outcrop using a nook/rope to assist yourself. Enjoy the jump. (Note: alternatively I imagine you can get to the falls from the start of the trail by dropping to your left and I've heard this is easier but I didn't bother with that route.)

Jump Stats

No Brainer
Shear Drop Off


Nearest Address
Courthouse Falls Gloucester, NC United States
street address
Courthouse Falls
North Carolina
United States



Courthouse Falls, Pisgah National Forest Gloucester

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