If you want to hit some of the most beautiful cliff dives in Colorado, listen up. This is a no name hole outside of Cripple Creek Colorado. Well known to the locals, but a fairly well kept secret outside of the county. It is a deep narrow canyon that empties into a small pool (about 20 feet deep) with jumps ranging from 20 feet to 80 feet and everywhere in between. If you take a hike further down the canyon about a half mile you'll run into some large pools, perfect for swimming. (It's not unlikely to run into some nude sunbathing beauties on the rocks, and I use the term beauties very loosely. Make sure to make some noise going down so they know you're coming.)

Alright, directions. From Colorado Springs, get onto highway 24 going west up into the mountains for 30.5 miles until you get to Florissant. At Florissant, take a left heading south on Cripple Creek Florissant Rd towards the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument. Go about 8.5 miles and take a right heading south-west on CR11. Go about 4 miles on CR11 until you come to a fork intersection. Take a right heading west on County road 112. Drive for about 2 – 2.5 miles. You will come to the top of a hill and see a sign on the left side of the road along with a parking area on the left. Unload and go across the road to the north, opposite the parking lot, and walk up and over the hill. From there just get onto the trail that heads into the canyon. It's a little over a quarter mile hike. As the Canyon bends to the right, you will drop right down into the cliff diving pool. You can't Miss it. Enjoy.

(This area is controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, and there has been talk of closing the site due to littering, fires, fireworks, and drunken injuries. It is a beautiful area that should remain open to the public. Please, please treat it with respect and ask others to do so as well. I'd be very pissed if my cliff diving hole got closed.)

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Nearest Address
County Road 112 Pike National Forest, CO United States
street address
County Road 112
Pike National Forest
United States



Cripple Creek Pike National Forest Cripple Creek Cliff Diving in Colorado Jumping at Cripple Creek Pike National Forest CO CO

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