UPDATE 7-27-09 : The police are starting to crack down on trespassing. I was there this past weekend with a few friends for about two hours before the cops came down. We got off with just a warning because the signs were not properly posted. If you want to jump here, I suggest getting in and out and leave no trace or evidence that you entered. The police would have no reason to enter the quarry if you leave no evidence of the fact that you went in. The quarry cannot be seen from the road, so park your car somewhere pretty far away. Also, the cops will ask you how you found out about this place. Obviously, do not mention the website, simply say a friend told you about the place.

From Lancaster, PA: follow 272 south thru willow street and to the Buck. At the intersection of 372 and 272 make a right at the flashing yellow light. Follow 372 until it ends at route 74. make a left onto 74 south/delta road. Follow 74 south for about a mile and 74 will bend and you will see paper mill road on your left. Continue on 74 south and make the third left after paper mill road onto pike's peak road (it's a dirt road and looks like a driveway – it's often hard to see). Follow pike's peak road all the way to the end (you will go thru one stop sign at lay road). Pike's peak road forks at the intersection of atom road. Go left at the fork and left on to atom road. The quarry is about half a mile down atom road on the right. You will see some old concrete blocks with the words no trespassing on them. Immediately after those is a small dirt trail that leads up to the quarry which is several hundred yards long and often requires a vehicle with four wheel drive or at least some decent ground clearance. (Don't take your pimped out Honda up there. It won't make it.) The quarry is huge. I measured it on Google earth and it was .8 miles long. But there is only one safe jump. There is only one way to enter the quarry – down the trail you drove up on. You'll have to swim about 100 yards straight across the quarry to get to the rock face where you can jump. There is graffiti everywhere and the highest jump (which is called 'balls') actually has the word BALLS spray painted on it (You can see it in the attached photo if you look carefully – underneath the guy on the rock face). last time Balls was measured it was 65 feet but the water in the quarry has risen since then, so it is probably between 55 and 60 feet. There are also a lot of smaller jumps up to about 30 feet. You will see them as you climb up to Balls. Don't jump from any other rock faces in the quarry – there are beaches under the water (due to the water level rising) and you will end up messed up.

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