Dickerson is a pretty rural part of Maryland, northwest of Washington DC. The spot is an old rock quarry that has since been filled with water. It is about 100+ yards long and about 50 yards wide. Steep rock faces make it easy and safe for jumping. However this spot requires a 25+ minute walk through the woods (if you know where you are going). Do some research before making the trek because if you do not know where you are going you will get lost and it is on private property and the neighbors don’t take to kindly to visitors. Also the best time to go is in the spring when the plants have not grown as much. If you go at the end of summer it is almost a guarantee that you will get severe poison ivy. It is definitely worth going though, the dense forest opens up right at the bank of the quarry giving it a totally secluded feel. It is likely that you will meet other people there. There are 3 “designated” spots to leap from, however there are plenty of ledges to be creative. There is one rock that that is pretty big, 3 or 4 people could jump at the same time, and it is about 25 feet. If you stand on this rock and look to the left you will see two other jump spots, they have spray paint below them hard to miss. They are about 45 and 55 feet.
Coming from North or South 270 exit 22 towards Barnesville. Stay on Old Hundred road for about 3 miles. Make a right onto Comus Road about 2 miles. Make a left on Mt Ephraim Road about 2 miles. Mt Ephraim will bend to the right, right at the bend there is a local, small train station parking lot. Park There.

Park in the train station Walk across the tracks to the right about 300 yards Make your way into the woods continue in small direction walking parallel with the tracks until you come to a path on your left. The path will take you all the way to the quarry if you follow it right. You will have to go through two cornfields, when you come to the first one walk along side it, slightly down hill until it gets to the lowest point before another hill starts. Walk straight across the cornfield, (maybe just a field if not in corn season). The will be a big opening in the woods where you are going, you will see it. Then continue on the path through the woods until you reach the second field. Walk so the field is on your left, continue for about 250 yards. Keep and eye out for a path on your right, marked by an archway from curved branches/trees. The path is hard to see so keep and eye out for what looks like and archway. This path will cross over a creek, get on the large embankment (a little to the right of the path on the side you just came from) on the other side, and go up to the other side there, and you will find the path again. Follow this path up a steep hill, soon after the hill there will be a path on your right going down, this leads to the shorter jumping spot, or continue on the same path around to another side of the quarry to the higher spots.

*Private property be careful when walking through corn fields, and make sure you remember how you got there.

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22920 Old Hundred Road
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