From Portland, Oregon take I-84 east just like you’re going to Hood River. Take Exit #41 Eagle Creek Rec Area. At the stop sign take a right. You can drive all the way down to the trail entrance. Not sure if they have a payment box all the way down, so pull over to the left at the first parking area, after taking a right at the stop sign. There is a payment box there. It costs $5.00. Park your car there and walk down or drive all the way down and park down there. Get on the trail and start walking. I think it’s 2 miles in. Punchbowl falls!! Its a long swim back, so you might want to swim over to your right after jumping and chill on the rocks for a few. You’ll then have to walk over as far as you can to the way out and jump back in and swim outa there! The water is ice to me, you might love it…heheheh!

Jump Stats


Nearest Address
Eagle Creek Exit, Cascade Locks, OR
street address
74152 Northeast Eagle Creek Loop
Cascade Locks
United States

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