Grass Valley/Nevada City is an unsung glory for perfect jumping spots! Lake Englebright, Deer Creek Falls and other small rivers are local favorites, but hard to find or get to. The Yuba River on the other hand has miles of ideal jumping spots and can be easily accessed. This pic is the South Fork of the Yuba River about one mile's hike upstream (on state park maintained trails). It is accessed by taking Interstate 80 east and exit Hwy. 49 (in Auburn) toward Grass Valley, after you pass through Grass Valley and Nevada City, take a left onto state rout 20/hwy 49 north (towards North San Juan/ Downiville) Park in the parking lot at the bridge and cross the old bridge on foot, take a right up the trail and hike up stream from about a mile. There are a dozens of jumping spots of different heights all along the river, be sure to check the depth and clearance… high river flows during the winter tend to shift boulders and change river-bottom topography. The other infamous jumping spot along the Yuba is Mushroom Hole on the middle fork. To get here, pass over the first bridge and keep going towards Downiville, past North San Juan, after you cross over the middle fork bridge, take an immediate left onto Moonshine Rd. Drive 1 mile and park (be sure not to block driveways) Look for the trail on the left. The river is 5 mi. downhill where you will reach Strawberry Hole… Mushroom hole is another 250 yards down stream. The jumps here vary from 10 to 50 feet. If you go to either of these places please respect the natural beauty of these rivers and pack out all trash (locals hate visitors cause they don't share the same gratitude nor show the same respect) and please watch out for the turtles laying eggs in the sand on the way to mushroom hole. Otherwise, enjoy.

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